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I'm just little werewolf puppy :333
jezuskotééééé ty očička dole :333
oooh... tam dole je strašně sexy :3
June 25th, 2013
oh...I realy like it :3 I love your style of drawing ^^ can't wait for next pagee
ohmygosh I love this comic soo much <3
ohmygooosh! I'm so curious :3
Page 21 Yeeeah I have big delay and I know it. Sry guys it's only my fault =.=
I hope you'll like it ^^
First page in Chapter II. Hope you'll like it ^^
Yeah! New hero...Till now it'll be much interesting for ya guys :3 hope, you'll like it
@Moriarta: jo, jeden z mých oblíbených xDD
Good news for you guys! I have new fonts :D so now it looks more like comic I think :D
enjoy ^^
next page and sorry for waiting guys =.=
hehe.. delay :33 sorry ^^
loool :DD
...they are really hot >33
April 1st, 2012
NOOOO *can't breathe* t-thats xD

Anyway I love your comic so much. Your work on it is so awesome! x3
sorry for waiting ^^ no time
@nilanandita: No problem :33 I just want him... *hug* :33
oow...he's so cute :333 I want him...Can he stay in my house? :DDDD
I really can't draw some random ugly guys =.=
@nilanandita: no prob ^^
I love this picture! I love this comic ^^^
go on, It looks really amazing :3