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Shadow Rival
You don't wanna know.
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Looks like a cracker to me. Dip that in some chocolate...Yum.
The O' Wonderful Wall O' Comments. Lasted quite a while . o.O

........Or does he.....?DUN DUN DUNNNN!!!

@Mythril: I'm not ticklish.........anymore...and Blader says hi. he doesnt feel like logging on again....lazy little&$(&^$(&...
*throws Blader and begins to beat on Blader and Mythril's heads like a drum and gives both a noogie* HOW YA LIKE THAT?! HUH??!?!
B-day 2 day. W00tz.
It is isn't it? and thanks Souper tayuls!
B-day in 2 days. W00tz.
Sure am, Super Tails! He says hi. He can't say so himself because he keeps leaving to prepare for something...or thats one way to put it.

Don't say that, Mythril...
Sooooooo late on the updates.....

Yo! Super Tails! How ya been? You might not remember me cuz it's been a while. And why should you NOT be alive Mythril?
Macs don't work for me. Never have. I think Macs are conspiring against me.

Edit: Woah.......update...I know I'm late, but.......woah....
This arguing is pointless...
...Yet humorous.

Blade: 1. Ain't the only thing you're slow in.
2. pass me some of that popcorn.

@ Last Maverick: We all know no one will listen to you, and the flaming is probably making them mad. You know its pointless, I know its pointless, we all know its pointless. So please don't flame them. If you have to flame, then flame me. But please answer me this:
1. Why flame?
2. What do you hope to gain from flaming?
3. Why waste your time telling us to stop posting here when its obviously not working?
@ Mythril:
1. Ah.
2. Eh, nevermind.
3. I'm no poor kitty.


@ Blade:
Lance, huh? that damn bastard needs to mind his damn business.

@ Shrazer:
About the 10nth time I've heard that. Noone is gonna stop using this as a forum, not even me, cuz I find pleasure in pissing off everyone that has a problem with it, so there is no use in telling us to stop.

@ Anyone who cares:
I'm not postin' here 'till school starts, cuz I just got this new game and I'll have my eyes glued to the screen.
@ perfectsephiroth:
Correction; 650 comments. maybe we'll make it to 1,000. Who knows.

@ Blade:
H-how did you find out??
I'd get them if they came in my size.
@ Dgf:
So how long did that take?

@ Mythril:
1. Thats nice. "We" as in you and your friends?
2. Have you noticed how much you giggle?
3. *On floor* Ohhhhhhh...


@ Blade:
In other words, you're fuck ugly.

Which reminds me, thank you for the souvenir.
All of a sudden I need to use the bathroom...
@ Mythril:
1. Yeah.
2. uhh..(She's gonna loose her voice laughing one day...)
3. *on hands and knees feeling sick* Ohhhhhhhh....

*stare* Like you dont know...
@ Mythril:
I'd rathernot hear them o.O....
@ Mythril:
1. It's like a roller coaster for me.
2. Uhh, thanks?
3. I don't buy sweets from the store. Never liked them much. When my friends or my mom makes them, I'll eat them. When they make sweets, they add something that makes them taste better than any store-bought sweets.

@ Mythril:
1. was your day...?
2. Then I'll change it to something Inspiring.
3. .......A lot....

I sent it. Just don't hold it against me.
O.o....And I thought my brother was weird....