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Aw~! Kaito's cute is showing again! :)
I love Kaito's face during this! haha. He's like me when I don't particularly want to try a food that looks funny, lol.
Are you a spy, Angel?
I swear, sometimes you're stalking my life. My mom just randomly came home with like 5 packages of Juice boxes this weekend and we haven't had any for the last two years. Now you're showin' up with juice boxes, lol.

Now, seriously, I really like what you did with Kaito and Shuno to get them both back on the same footing and having them talk it all out. I also adore that Oasis doesn't seem to be too terribly upset by getting left alone in the dark, though I know how she could have felt in that situation and it sucks. She's such a sweet little gal. I love her character to pieces. :)
I just can not be happy with this, I really hate heart-wrenchingly horrible parts to a plot. Horrible as in the situation, not that it's badly done, because it's not.
I had some small chills when I realized that we were seeing Shuno at one of his "jobs".

Finally, one of the many, many questions have been answered. And yet, new ones arise.

(Also, I feel accomplished because I've never had the right timing for your updates! :] )
Ah! How sad! The poor little witch. :(
Gorgeous! I absolutely love the coloring on this page~
September 2nd, 2011
Oh geeze
This poor kid.
I hope his sister doesn't disown him or something. The poor kid's felt bad about this for a real long time, already.

Also, I LOVE the last panel
This is so obnoxiously cute and sad at the same time! HOW DO YOU DO THIS?! ;___;