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I'm an artist currently in Tucson AZ.

My main webcomic is Lavender Legend, but I've also done Emerald Winter, Rose Slayer, Thorn Prince, and The Traveler's Joy.

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    Jamie Jennings
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If you like these characters, please check out the Food Porn Anthology, Kickstarter happening now. It features Quince/Mica in a 20-page story along with many other great sexy comics.
@DeadlyDuo: Thanks! Since I'm normally writing about epic fantasy, it's nice to have characters dealing with normal things like budgets inclimate weather for a change, haha.
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Mica's in the lab, doing science.

This short story will show how Quince and Mica meet each other. It's done in sketch/shade style to make it easier for me to update, but if it is successful then an ink and color version would be great.

Support Glance Reviver on Patreon.

Here's how it works: when Patreon reaches $150 for the month, it unlocks the first public reward, which is a bonus sketch comic (three pages). If it can get up to $300, then another three pages are added, for a total of six.
@reidcl999: Thank you! I have trouble keeping up with all the mirror sites like smackjeeves.
@Shannonismyname: She's only exposed to her teachers, handlers, and servants, so these maids are her only friends. (There's a good reason, it'll be explained later.)
Hey, guys. I'm really struggling to make ends meet after a few personal events. I won't bore you with the details, but anything you can give to keep this free webcomic running would be awesome.

The prizes include a limited edition print (special, only 20 copies exist) and various gifts and commissions from me.

Just click the July 2012 image on the left for more info.
In response to everyone's comments...

This character is the queen, Lavender's mother. She was very young when she was married and had her children, that's why she looks like she could be Lavender's sister. This reflects even more on the king's creeperness. XD
@Complete Stranger: He has his reasons to be revealed later, but yeah, he's a royal douche XD
@WarriorNun: The smoke bomb and the spiky tacks, too. lol
@Ultimate the Hedgehog: Thanks, I tried to make this scene cool.
@Guest of Honor: I think you must have skipped some.
@Ultimate the Hedgehog: lol... he's not very familiar with women XD
I appreciate all the comments! I like Felicia in his suit too (suits are sexy). It's too bad that the story calls for him to be in a dress most of the time, though. The costumes are important to the story. I use them to show character development.
Thanks guys. I tried to hint that Fel is a dude early on so that it wouldn't be a shock for you guys. I hope that the concept isn't too off-putting, and maybe you'll be able to relate even though he is kinda gender-neutral. If not, Grengis will also be a central character and he's pretty manly. A few more cute girls will join the cast later, too.

I am working on a real yuri story that should be out sometime next year. More info when it becomes available.
Does Felicia want to be a man, or is he doing all this because that's what he's supposed to be? Do /I/ even know? Haha, you'll find out eventually.
@Guest of Honor: Is that a quote from something? XD It's funny anyway...
@Guest of Honor: I'm glad that you think so. XD
@sinkdownslowly: It is, but he has a ponytail when he tries to look more like a dude. XD
@JavaLeen: Okay, I've done it. :) I didn't know where it was at first, but I found it.