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I like drawing and reading comics i would like to draw a comic but i don't think i have spend enough time drawing to create one also i don't think my art is good enough for a comic but i love drawing and i might put one up eventually
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@Other Guest: I think it's a good change that she is standing up for herself, but i don't think it's good that she is planning on ruining the town after what happened.
I think this page looks really beautiful. It just has this feeling to it.
i just caught up to this and its so good!
My bet is she noticed that he's the wanted criminal. no one remembered that little point, but it might be the R as well.
September 25th, 2014
this has me so excited i can't wait to see how the weekend plays out!
"How old am I?" excuse me while i die of laughter. that is a perfect line.
the foreshadowed Crys panels are really amazing! the suspense!
@ApaFox: persona just got 10x creepier because this is what I'm going to see from now on.
@rainfish: thats what i was thinking as well
well thats okay see you when you come back and i totally fangirled when i saw Shinji its been so long
i'm oh so very confused and honestly curious if it is April fools
Ahhh such perfection
totally understand! Go and study girl! best of luck on your exam and staying sane till then.
I find this to be a really entertaining page especially with your comment of winning a Senpai
the last panel looks fine, also that is such a cute dragonite.
omg this is going to be funny
oh my goodness. he finally speaks. this update was amazing.
@Animangalover: best comment I've ever seen
out of curiosity is there a chance you might pick this up after college? so we can see the real ending. its sad that you and your friend wrote this, but it won't get told to the end.