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My name is Rachel, and I am thinking about making a webcomic, but for now, I am only gonna enjoy other peoples...
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It's pretty. I would have something up right now, but I've been so busy. I'll post something up soon, don't worry. :D

Really good work though, he's cute.

We should make a story with angels as characters, that would be totally cool.
Although I love what I've seen of this story, if you are working on an amazing story, I'm totally down with that XD
I keep wanting to ask questions about what's gonna happen...
But I don't want the story to be spoiled D:
NEXT PAGE PLZ. *continues hitting the next button in vain*
All I can say is....
*Bursts out in insane laughter*
I love this comic.
That is...
So adorable! >3< GO BLACKIE, GOOOO! T.T
I've been waiting for this comic! I can't waiiiiit!~
August 28th, 2007
I just found this comic. LOVE IT! Especially the boomy at the end <2+1
Bleh. I'd want to try to join, but I'm too lazy to actually make a webcomic Oxo...I might be starting one soon though, so BEWARE!...Haha....
I LOVE that look they have on their faces >3< so awesome!
Ahhhh so good
That long wait for these pages were worth it. <3

Edit: Oooo, first comment!
So adorable <3
So awesome
I want to see what happens next, yes! Hurry hurry hurry!

And, I think you should make this into a manga. I really do. I think it would sell fairly well :]
That's so adorable!
Update more! NOW!...I mean...Er...Please? XD

Edit: FIRST COMMENT! Wooohooo...
I really like that design at the bottom of the page. Keep it, it makes me happeh! ~<3
He looks like a...Damien. I dunno, maybe I just like that name XD...I like the name Robbie too...Or Jeff <3
Heehee, SO CYUTE! I love this page >W< And I don't know why!
It's pretty
You should color your pics more often!
...Pretteh! <3<3<3
My theory: Josh was asking where Charles was because he knew that they hang out and Josh wanted to make sure they were alllll allooonnneee XD
Oh yeah, and btw...

I never get to be the first person to comment *ish happeh*