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That face in the first panel. All these pages. This whole update. I think I might die from overexcitement.
@muura: haha well in that case...hehehe
but really, I could rant a whole essay about why I love your comics <333
guess I should do that someday =‿=
sorry for saying it again, but this is so beautifull
@muura: nonono don't say that, this going into a perfect direction and you have so much pages up already, it's amazing <3
and by "suspense" I pretty much just meant the suspense of "are they going to do it or not"
(I have a simple mind I know ;u;)
AFTER 8 LONG MONTHS. I feel like I should apologize. Especially to these characters.
January 19th, 2013
yes she is now officially my favorite
Hi, purple here, the next page is going to take a while so I thought I'd let any followers who still read Monster Amulet know!
April 8th, 2012
so cruel :'D but I actually lol'd
@Rascal Pigeonhound: haha, thank you, but I do have to warn you that my updates will not be very regular and often :c
Meanwhile, back at the monsters again...
it's a trap 8U

I'm deeply sorry that this page's layout doesn't make any sense, I hope it's still readable.
This page might need a little explanation.

The unreadable scribbles, that fill the textbubbles of the monsters in the first two panels, is the monsters' own language. I don't really have a name for it, it's just the concept that the have their own secret language for emergencies.
children and their witty comments...*sigh*
Ehmm... This is the start of the actual comic, but as you might have noticed, this page is alot older then the introduction. This is because the introduction contains new redrawn images, but the pages of the comic will contain the old orginal art.

I actually started drawing this comic in 2009, but I only redrew the introduction. I'm not really proud of presenting the comic with these old pages, but it would take forever for me to redraw them all. So please enjoy these very crappy pages. ^^;
This page looks really more like a filler then I wanted ... >__> It should've looked a bit more like a cover. The thing in the middle is the Monster Amulet, hence the title of this comic.
Another rather conceptual page. If you starting the wonder were are the monsters are in this comic, like Suzie, please be patient! xD
Just three more intro pages and then the actual comic will start.
Second page of the intro! :D
This page has a quit different tone then the actual comic, therefore it's kind of misleading, I apologize for that. In this page you can already find some glimpses of the monsters, also main characters.
The very first page that I'm uploading here, I'm very excited! This is the first of the six pages that form the introduction of this comic, a very simple and conceptual page. The girl you see, is the main character, Suzie. The man is her great-grand-grand-grand father, the next pages will tell more about him.