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Derpy derp derp.
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I like the opening for The Big Bang Theory...

Mainly because of the song. XD
You make me want to move out of my country just so I can try LARPing...

Right... Add that to the list of things I wanna do before I die.
the way you draw the guy... it seems so familiar...

i forgot the title of the comic i saw it in though...

i kinda like it. ^^
Snakes won't work? What about earthworms? Sea cucumbers? Slugs? Caterpillars?
I wanna be half bug too... Teach me?
Reread this one again for the second time...

And still had to hold back my tears when Rick died...

This is the best Nuzlocke I have ever read...
Derpy derpy!

Lolz got nothing.

Just happy to see derpy. Hahahaha... XD
So that's how you fight zombies? With carrots? O_O
It does.
Yes it does...
wooo ok now i found fav button. xD

i iz noob. T^T

I like the comic! Keep it up please.. ^^
awww so cute... =3
I leik
First? O___O

I like the comic so far yessh!!!

But something wrong... I can't find the Fav Button. T___T
gyaaaaaah i wanna read moar! soooo good. xD

after reading the LG version, i wanna read this tooo......

updates pls. ^^
I almost cried... :(

Why does the good die young????

I can go without that. I just want the nice hat. xD
Huh Wha-?

Wait? What? Ares was there? Didn't notice. LoL. xP
uuuuuuuuuuuuuuupdate please!

i wanna find out what happens..! ^^
its time for an ass whoopin'!

but only ares' ass is gonna get whooped.
this is very2x good.

i iz excited to read on. ^^

keep up the good work. i likez the story. ^^
awesome character designs...
although i wonder... why does the god of the oceans look like a farmer? hahaha...
its still awesome though. ^^