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Member of Green Eggs and Spam, former Maid of Rage for DoMPStuck.

A dork with the social skills of a brick wall and a constantly vacillitating obsession. It's TF2 and Kirby currently, for those keeping track.
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Good to hear Acro will be fine, I guess.

Even if she doesn't appear in another game after 64.
Last page for today. Don't want to get burned out so soon after returning, now do we?

Also: New buttons for browsing pages!
I made new Goomba sprites using a more modern look, because the original SMB sprites are...

<img src=" g" />

I've said it before, but I'll say it again, for clarity:

I fucking love this comic.
Haha wow this looks so stupid now that Parallel Kracko DOES exist thanks to Star Allies
This page has been sitting on my hard drive for two bloody years, unfinished.

Let's change that.
in which plasma necros a concept that's been dead for four years

especially bad in that it was entirely my fault that it died

but yeah c+c yo

i posted this to GEaS because i'm not actually part of DoMP anymore, and DoMP doesn't accept co-authors anymore
besides i'm pretty sure those blokes don't want my garbage on there
The Youtube video is no longer available.
RIP chapter 3 ending
Jowser is the true hero of this comic.
@SuperScratchkat: thanks man
revamping old stuff is kind of my guilty pleasure
Bowletta II: Electric Boogaloo
The repetitive noise from the elevator was becoming unbearable for him, due to his large ears, until he overloaded on electricity and used Discharge, which subsequently overloaded and knocked out the building's power.
Getting some practice in for a dumb Homestuck thing I'm making.

His right arm is robotic because his real one got blown the fuck up
"god you're so dumb i love you so much"




yo check this sweet-ass sword i just made
I've become so used to my rendition of the Nova sprite that looking at the old one is kind of painful, honestly.
@hippo986: Why must you put these images into my head
Top Ten Anime Introductions
more hypothetical x bosses starring the HUGE MIGHTY KING OF GUYS WHO TALK TO POSTERS, but 300% creepier

EDIT: not sure wtf happened to the image quality but it sure did not save like that

this is what Bowletta X is supposed to look like:
<img src=" g" />
Decided to do something involving the Superstar Saga remake, while also experimenting with shadows.