That one nobody who's been wandering around SJ since August of 2011.
(rip old site layout, saw that same layout for five years until they changed it)

I'm one of the few people who actually gave Color Splash a chance before its release. And surprise, surprise. It's the best damn Paper Mario yet. Bite me, TTYD fanboys.
After all, it did spawn the Leston meme. And reference previous Mario games.

I have a Steam profile that I'd link you to if it wasn't cancerous shit.
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Technically in Pokémon the PCs bring Pokémon to a digital world in Boxes, so
Ah yes, the sales I never have money for.

*grumble mutter*
Two mutes and a deaf painter.

This should go swimmingly.
@BattleStarX: It's finished now, but I don't know exactly how long Homestuck is.
At least Kirby said "Ku-ie" this time.
Alas, poor Biospark.
We hardly knew ye.
What, did somebody kidnap Kuxxel?
Hell hath no fury like a Kaaby scorned.
How exactly was Kredy not punted to Ripple Star there?
4Kids was utter garbage.

Didn't know they went bankrupt.
So the four established badasses of this universe are Kaaby, Kexas, Karby, and Kuxxel.
"Up there, sir"?

But Ku-ie's female.
First rule of fight club, don't talk about fight club.

That was Kracko's Revenge, which was the same Kracko, just extremely pissed off.

This is supposed to be a (very shitty) Mirror World version of Kracko.