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Scene-y Bopper
Hi~~! I am into Pokemon, and I am also totally scene and emo. But i'm not a hipster, don't call me that! My comic stars myself and my two best friends, but I won't tell you their names because I don't want you to stalk them, FREAKS. Anyway my fave Pokemon is Lucario, I gave myself a Riolu in the comics though so I can write a story about it evolving. I like the Pokemon Black game the best because Reshiram is better and also Black City is cool. Also, the hottest character is Touya, whose English name is stupid so I won't say it. Anyway please add me as a friend and read my comic, it's all about me so you won't regret it!

((If you can't tell, this profile and messages from this character are mostly "in character" as a Mary Sue. As is typical in roleplaying, comments in double-brackets = out of character serious business time.))

((While on the subject, every comic I +fav is actually a comic I like! No ironic +favs here. Go read them!))
STORY: N tried to befriend Missingno and doubled the website.
Just moved from the Duck webcomics!

A collection of short comics about Pokemon Black/White, with a few over-reaching story arcs.

The two main story arcs, as in the banner, are POST-GAME EDITION and PARODY SUE EDITION. Read the post-game edition for the canon characters, when every little thing in the game has already happened. Read the Parody Sue edition for kawaii.