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Oooh is he about to persuade the Madam with his charm and good looks? :3 Can't wait for the next page!
Well, since you want comments...

Very professional work. I adore the way you draw pokemon, they're even more adorable! I've been looking, but I really can't find anything to criticize, you're very good :)
For an intelligent girl like her, she just doesn't get it.

She's so never going to get rid of him *ehehe*
Lol okay, but I'll be in Pensylvannia and will have limited use to the computer :( I'll do as much as I can
I love you
Absolutely amazing work! I just read it all last night and just finished it now (had to sleep and school in between of course). Your characters are wonderful and your art is beautiful! I love how much your style developed in the process! (Faved of course)
I told you!
Go me for not lying! :D Next week's is gonna be trouble, but luckily no more colour. Oh dear and I have a hockey tournament this weekend! My, my, I must dedicate so much time!
Huh? I'm alive? And making comics?!

Yes, it's all true people. In fact, I'm going to set a date every week that I will have the newest page of the comic up. You know, like the real comic artists here on SJ do?

*drumroll* MONDAY!

That's right! Every Monday, Darkness Aurora will be updated. Which, amazingly I know, includes this monday! For that you can thank the awful outbreak of something (O.0) at the old folks home I volunteer at.

So, I'm off to finish colouring the title page and start inking the first page!

Oh yeah, this is like... version 6.0 or something. 6th time's the charm, right? So I'll be deleting those awful things I called comics very soon.
Mwahaha! Canada Day oriented comic! Epic win, this is!

I think the only thing we actually make are things associated with hockey. Seriously. All my goalie equipment was made here <3

Don't worry Bailey! I know it's a moose hat!
Camillo looks like Tuxedo Mask with a Jigoku Shoujo doll and a wicked hat :D Your characters rock!
Last 3 panels= made me lol becuase there is SO much that could be said that wasn't :D
This is just love. In its purest form.

This is totally the end...
... of chapter 1. I WILL get the next pages done! I have exams coming up so I have to focus on those a little bit more right now... but I promise you some semi-professional work 'cause I'll be using photoshop and making my own tones and stuffs...
@ MMMelody...
Thank yoooouuuu :)
Tee hee <3
So cute! That girl is my hero :P
<3 that teacher. He's awesome. And basically every other character in this comic! <3 MOE <3
I love the mini Matt

Canadian, eh?
Too many Canadian references will be found throughout the comic. Haha.
*eye twitch*
Jason is the queen of cheezy lines. He often steals them from movies.
Yeah... sorry for the cheesy lines guys.