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I'm a person who has a lot of creativity and imagination. I like the statements "not letting your dreams die, and pour into the people who are important to you" (if you don't know what it means than just ask). My favorite genres are romance, adventure, mecha, shoujo ai, fantasy, sci-fi, psychological and sometimes the odd (if their is a category for that). I like to read stories that are heart felt, have comedy, and character development. I'm learning how to draw because I want to upload my own comic one day. In the mean time I use my imagination to create and design my own board games. I'm also co-writing my own graphic novel with my brothers. This will be a perfect place to have it on once where at that stage.
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music & heart
Good Grief! Are you trying to kill me. Hitomi's sing was playing in my head while I was reading. For the fans and me most of all! Please for all that's good and holy, make a kickstater or indeigogo account, so can give you money so you can print this comic.
I agree that the new art just makes the story even more impressive. It compliments an already awesome story. Keep going.
Yes, a calm before the storm. It can't be easy coming out to your while school. Just like in life with the right friends you can get through anything with their support.
Don't worry I'm not going anywhere. I love your work and will read read each page new page from beginning to end!
I get where you coming from. But reading the uncensored one you would have been fine having it on here. There more comics that are not set as mature content that show more than the seen with Yu-chan. I still love your comic and wonder when you will have it for sale. It's awesome!
It what it is Hitmoi. Its good to move on.
Go for your dreams Hitomi!
November 1st, 2013
Yeah it looks great!
October 2nd, 2013
Sounds good! I'm liking how the story is developing.
September 29th, 2013
Wow she is way too cute! I wondering if this will be some what of a girls love story?
Thank you for the daily updates! This story arc is keeps getting better and better.
September 14th, 2013
The new girl on stage is cute, and public speaking can be hard .
September 14th, 2013
I'd have to agree. It sums up Sarah and Janey's relationship pretty. It's also a great drawn seen. You are very talented.
I would hope parents would see there kids as adults and treat them such. However, I had friends when moving back home who had a curfew. All I can say us if you have a curfew and your an adult, that sucks.
It would be cool if you did though!
September 14th, 2013
It's nice for a title page. It fits Sarah's new adventure. I'm just why is there a picture of Janey? She has a lot of history sure. But she also had an affair and broke her heart. I've been following your comic, a new fan. I really don't want her and Janey to back together. I'm kind of hoping she gets with Geery. Anyway, awesome book!
Woot woot! Congrats! Now my question is... Do you plan to publish? I would to buy Inside if you do.
September 9th, 2013
I like that the color is different for each person.
September 8th, 2013
Were those knives in the last panel? We now know the name of the dancer. Nice update.
September 8th, 2013
A chu is cute.