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oh well thank you!
Truth be told, I'm not sure we'll continue after the first chapter. It's still up in the air. But it's always nice to hear feedback!
I'm liking mystery guy. but I get the feeling that he is going to try to sell Atty a Magicarp
it's fine to miss deadlines!
I wanted to put a deadline on my comic.. didn't work out.
but don't work too hard! your poor wrists..
Another page!!
and the art is beautiful as always
looks interesting! Can't wait to see more
I like Philip. I really do
Cain is so cute!
I love the twitchyness
yay new page!

Gorgeous art
I'm a rather forgetful person XD but, new page yay!
So good! The art is.. AMAZING!

I can't wait to read more!
-GASP- Plot twist!
I love this comic so so much!