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Elleu:D Im Lat-chan, Im lazy, rude, obnoxious, loud, random, sadistic, pervy, annoying as hell but mostly im probably the most normal and boring person you'll ever meet^_____^

Spend most of my time here:

There WILL be updates;)
Probably sometime next week^^
Im not totally dead XD
Urrr...sorry its not funny XD
Because i care<3
We're back, but we forgot our punchlines 8D

This is just a request from my friend siv, it's a true story, and it won't be funny unless you know her >.> SOrry!
Hurdyhur,This manga is on hitatus for a while I think..Im working on comics at the moment, and i don't really feel like drawing on this project right now.
That does not mean that I'll stop drawing it.
I'll be back at least by the time school starts..You just have to wait, im working on the story.
So you get Luna and cato and the divinyls 8D
You probably won't get it XD

And xXHanlXx; im sorry about the strippers:/

And thank you Issa for all your comments 8D
My everyday >.>
I always get hairspray in the eye ><

And yeah, we're digital now 8D
I love this comic <3
A little something something for ye=D
This comic was written by Kanna
You can visit her here:

I shall have to start writing the next chapters now >.>
Yup, it's me:D
As much as I hate to put myself in this comic, im doing just that:p Just a minor part though^^
Spilled something on the last panel, wich is why it's so hideous XD

And oh my:O 50 fans:P
Thanks to all of you who read^^
Only one more page until this chapter is done, not much progress yet XD
Maybe i should start writing chapter 4? XD

So, since there is no story, there might be a small hiatus..Im not in the mood to write.

In the meanwhile: Visit my Deviantart page:D

Feel free to say hi^^

Kthxbai 8D
Can you guess who that person is?=D
Ahhaha XD
Squinty eyes:D Yeah, everybody makes them when they're trying to find out who's gonna come out of the elevator:D

Horrible attempt at drawing Cha Chi's Chars; Nina and Chris
Read her manga here:

Urr..i talk and i talk >D
I think i was supposed to say something..but i forgot^^'
Sorry for the small typing^^'
Oh, and this picture should probably have been cropped ^^'

Fallen: Urrr...*thinks* I have no idea? I just tend to draw clothes like that^^

Emihaumut: I fixed the page, so the yellow tone is back^^ And im glad you like it:D
Mwaha *sings* I would walk 500 miles *hums*

What? oh..yeah, i tried drawing this page but i couldn't do it, so eventually i just scribbled it down with mah tablet^^

So sorry for the shaity quality^^
July 5th, 2007
This is actually not cheese, he just wants an answer! XD
but,jerryboi, personal spaaace! XD
Im working on it, im working XD
100+infinity muffin points to whoever can guess wich poster Luna has on the wall in the first frame=D

oh, and i just realised that i keep forgetting luna's piercing XD Shame on me XD
and the art just keeps getting prettier<3

One thing i noticed though, if Metis is sitting on a higher level than josh(in the stairs)then he should be looking down, and josh should be looking up in the two first panels:p
Might just be me though^^
Rock on baby:D
Emihaumut: Oh, im sorry :S i just noticed..the balloon thats on the left is first:o

Noelle: Just tell her: be glad im not doing drugs mom! XD
Seriously <3
Wow:o Is that a background i see?:O
Yes, boys and girls, i decided to make a background to keep your eyes from bleeding :)

And Tenkyougan: Yeah, i've been wondering about that, maybe i'll draw him later^^ he doesn't have a design so:P

Noelle: Everyone calls him that, because it's cuter than Cassis:)

And thanks to the rest of you for your comments:O
They mean so much too me <3
Luff you all=D