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Oh snap, psychic showdown, this can be interesting.

Also, I'm curious to see some Brom and Seatrice interactions. :3 I don't know/remember if they've ever met or not, since Brom was in a lab as an egg.
Wow... My last comment on this comic was on April 17th, 2016. I kind of distanced myself away from smackjeeves for years, but then I remembered your comic and felt like rereading it. Many hours well spent :P

I remember when I first read this I wasn't all too interested in shipshipping, but now that I'm older I definitely am. I love their dynamic, so this is going to be an entertaining month ^^
@Meemie7: Oh phew, that's great! :D Sporadic updates are fine, I'm just glad this whole concept isn't over yet ^^
Oh wait is this the end already?! But I love this comic so much! Undyne grumpily eating is the best :P
I just stumbled upon this comic and I flipping love it. I can't stop chuckling at the ridiculousness of all this xD
I'm liking this comic so far! ^^
In case anyone else forgot where that letter came from, it's from Chapter 12 Page 11.
Well I mean, George microwaved his other eevee. I rather have my eevee stolen by Atty than by George.
I'm loving this comic so far! ^^
Aww, even though it's been two years, I'm still hoping for a magical revival :/
Ooh, the last couple of panels were really well written/paced. Good job :O
The next page Atty runs back to the man, you think he's gonna tackle hug the guy for attempting to cheer him up, before jumping into the waters to never be seen again.

Welp, to be fair, Atty has more social skills than I do.
@GabrielChurch: His birthday passed, he's fifteen now.
...Actually, wasn't this ship ride his birthday present from George..? Wow this must suck.
EDIT: Oh wait, in comic-time, his birthday is *today*. I forget how slow this comic moves. Aww, he's crying on his b-day.
Oh noooes :< It would be horrible if Atty cries. I'm hoping it's allergies.

((I just realized when I first started reading Mokepon I was way younger than Atticus, now I'm older. Yikes.))
I'm glad I'm not the only one surprised you used a mouse. This is really good! :3
Love the colours btw.
November 16th, 2015
What exactly is RSI? (Or at least what does it stand for so I can google it)

Edit: NVM, repetitive strain injury. Sorry, it's just that there was a million things that RSI stood for.

I hope your hand gets better!
Oh ok, Yuumei's drawing almost gave me a heart attack because for a second there I thought you two were the same person xD

Great comic, keep it up! :3 It looks like you put it tons of thought into it.
Shhhh if we don't mention it, they won't appear! :D
It's a traaap..!

Is what I usually say, but this is Caleb, so hrm. Is Atty actually getting helped..?!
disadjasodoaif they are all so much cooler than I was expecting! :OOO

#1 has such pretty colours and it's kinda funny, #2 is cute and has an interesting concept, #3 is intense and makes you feel for Eggie, #4 has the prettiest colours ever and that plot twist at the end is worth gold, #5 is hilarious and the shading is kinda pretty, #6 is funny and poses an interesting possibility, #7 has the shiniest and cutest colours plus made me laugh out loud, #8 is funny and I love the expressions, #9 is very detailed and the last panel made me gasp out loud, and #10 portrays such an intense scene well and makes me wish it happened.

Whew... *Cough* Didn't mean to ramble, they were all so nice that I needed this to help me vote, so uhh... I guess I'll have to go with #4.