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Aye, this is pretty sweet! ^^
Aito S
August 19th, 2011
Very much like the theme. I'm also very fond your raster filled world that fills the big boots given by the imposing title!
At times the flow is a bit too airy, but it also adds to the ethereal feeling.
Sincerely hoping to see more!

ps mitä vittua, oletkin suomalainen ;D
Hoy, this is an awesome comic! Been really enjoying it!

I did a little pokemon comic too, a year ago. It's funny how I also decided to start with the main character being grumpy. Although mine lightened up right away :D (going for the usual nice kid in a mean world...)

Really nice job with the characters here! Some of the pages have the uneven black of the felt-tip still visible, but that's the only sign of mortality I see! :D Keep it up!