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i'm a girl... i'm 19... and i want to draw pokemons
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    Juki Mari
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you okay Jaws?
still can't take the awesomeness from these comic
i just die...

run... run!
WTF happen ??
i want to stay :3
so i'm not the only one that call my butterfrees futtershy
BLUE you just know what to do
where is pika and chuchu?

and today is my birthday yay for updates on my birthday
oh oh oh green you have you'r ways : D

(lovlig story, and i love the art)
so i hope someone find him, or if not... he just be up there forever and ever
you down there and i'm up here...
thank god, I've been waiting for this update, and my brain is still blow like last time
total love on you'r comic
so true.. and i like the colors
and it was everything to me in this chapter. but believe me find out much more in the next chapter about lily
yes my mind is blown
well now you get a chance to attack, or get caught in spider web,
Spider web: The user ensnares the target with thin, gooey silk so it can't flee from battle.
reply if you like