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Age: 22
My honorable occupation: Drawing things happening in small boxes. Sometimes they are even in motion.

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The Pocketwatch Discord
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TF2: Overtime
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Comment on (one-shot) Daki problems of The Empty Stave
Shoprocks, November 15th, 2016, 1:53 am
A test comic!
I don't expect anybody will stumble upon this comic, but if you have, well, good job! I just wanted to see how the site looked with a shiny comic page on it, and I was dang proud of this one in particular.

Know your characters! In the first panel, from left to right:
Ali = Hoxton (Payday 2)
René = Lapis Lazuli (Steven Universe)
Vee = Nico (Kiznaiver)
Morgan = Ryuko (Kill la Kill)
Comment on Kyliee album art for music that does not exist of The Pocketwatch Discord
Shoprocks, 23 May 2013
I doubt our musicians could make a song upbeat enough to match this album cover ahaha
Comment on Kero goes pscheewww shhhhk crackle crackle of The Pocketwatch Discord
Shoprocks, 25 Mar 2013
This legitimately started as a picture of Pearls in a serene garden, but I couldn't color the trees properly and I got mad.
Comment on If we had a budget, this is how Shoprocks would spend it of The Pocketwatch Discord
Shoprocks, 28 Jan 2013
The Vivian Nendoroid is, tragically, not a real product.
Comment on Episode 1 Poster B...Version Beta of The Pocketwatch Discord
Shoprocks, 13 Jan 2013
Because you can't spam the website with too many alternate colorations of posters.
Comment on Page 2 of Sophie: In Her Life
Shoprocks, November 27th, 2012, 1:48 am
Love what you did with the last panel!
Comment on Wallpaper: Magpie and Morf of The Pocketwatch Discord
Shoprocks, 25 Nov 2012
Vaguely requested by AJ~
Comment on Mini Vivian and Kyliee of The Pocketwatch Discord
Shoprocks, 20 Nov 2012
I'm really obsessed with moe things lately OTL

//v is out of character

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