Age: 22

My honorable occupation: Drawing things happening in small boxes. Sometimes they are even in motion.

My avatar looks mean, but I'm actually very friendly and would love to meet you! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ (It was just too good to pass up.)
There was a silver lining to this comic page originally being wayyy too much of an info dump?!
Whoo. Been busy, sick, and kinda down. But as you can see, I eventually got my priorities straight in the end and got a page up.
@halcome: I can explain that one! I have a lot of sisters. You see, the answer is,
My source for the My Immortal text says "He was wearing so much eyeliner that I was going down his face." I thought for sure I'd accidentally deleted a letter. The I is even capitalized.
Pardon the hiccup in updates! I've uploaded two pages today, to catch up.
I may have created a few errors while copy-pasting, but I can say for sure that none of the errors on this page are mine.
@roryseviltwin: Next month then?

And, right? It's like I purged all my memories of posting this comic and receiving your moral support the first time around. This is a new start for me.

@roryseviltwin: Not my problem.

Roryseviltwin confirmed using Smackjeeves! The rumor come out: Does Kin and the Dragon official Smackjeeves launch is confirmed this month??
Way back when, I made tons and tons of tweaks and redraws of the first 25 or so pages. And I shoved a bunch of new pages in, too, which changed all of the page numbers afterward. So, my filenames were an absolute cluster and I totally glossed over page 5. It works pretty well for author comments though, so I'll shove it in later. And, because I missed it, this page worked out freaky well.
The comic was about music, so sometimes things line up like this! >w> I had to remove a couple speech bubbles to make it work, but hey, still pretty good. I usually check one or two pages ahead so I can make things work nicely.
Well, uh, welcome to the show.
I hope you're able to extract some enjoyment from this little...stunt? >w>

If you missed the description, here's a quick rundown of what this is: From 2009-2011 I made this comic. It was cringey. Now I'm replacing all the original dialogue with the full text of My Immortal (I'll do my best to include author's notes, but they may be a little bit out of order with the rest of the text).

Anyway, happy April Fool's! This will be continuing, though. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, till I get through page 150 something where it stopped, or I get bored of this joke.

(Please note that the art in this comic has nothing to do with My Immortal. This is not meant to be an adaptation.)

P.S. My most loyal of fans who read this comic when it first came out, and are now reading it here...dayum. I need to buy you guys a coffee or something.
The casual dynamic of these three is awesome. Badical even.
January 15th, 2017
Too real.
I love it >w>
A test comic!
I don't expect anybody will stumble upon this comic, but if you have, well, good job! [I guess...if you check on my profile...maybe at that point you deserve to find it.] I just wanted to see how the site looked with a shiny comic page on it, and I was dang proud of this one in particular.

Know your characters! In the first panel, from left to right:
Ali = Hoxton (Payday 2)
René = Lapis Lazuli (Steven Universe)
Vee = Nico (Kiznaiver)
Morgan = Ryuko (Kill la Kill)