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Holy crap, I remember this comic from forever ago XD
I'll have to give it another read through to catch back up :)
@ParadoxComic &@kittychick
Not to mention the fact that this IS a comic so not every second and every movement is shown.....
*long time lurker coming out of hiding*
I've been reading this comic for a looong time, starting out on Drunk Duck. Chapter 2 wasn't even started yet I think... I think it's just amazing that you're still working on it (your English had definitely gotten a lot better btw). I'm sure theres's tons of them, but I haven't seen many webcomics that have gone on as long as this one has. This comic as a whole displays your growth in drawing. It's interesting going back through older chapters and seeing where you tried experimenting different things.
I look forward to many more years of following this comic :)
@shuyin111- I'm willing to bet that if there wern't any "meh" feelings, the coming wouldn't be ending...

Aside from that, there's not that many comic artists that I would keep following on this site. But if and when you do post another comic here, I'll deffinately add it to my fav's. I've grown attached to your art :)
Good luck with your next projects!
"Nobody makes me bleed my own blood"

*is shot*
@Dedmerath: ehhh, so so. The thought of "Werewolves in Texas" doesn't really make sense in my mind for some reason (but yet regular wolves makes perfect sense o.O)
*giggles hysterically because she's reading Bride of the WOLF at the moment*
*grabs Desta and tucks under arm*

*walks away*

Carry on now 83
I lol'ed
THAT IT! You guys are getting my first born XD

Seriously though, the artwork is amazing ^.^
I sense an Andi a-comin'