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Ditto and Zoroark would be like spy vs spy. and don't forget Kecleon.
I just got a Boner.
so in the Iriverse, pokemon and sonic exist together? I wonder if eggman has any connections to team rocket, what with there penchants for giant robots.
Meet the
grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and she hurts people.
it would be hilarious if they both pulled out DSs and started battling their pokemans.
I guess she must have a case of arrow in the knee.
if you have Xbox live or Steam, you should check out Bastion immediately! best downloadable game of the year.
Snake Eater
never played a Metal Gear game, but the Snake Eater trailer is one of the best I've ever.
no fighting
lets not let this break out into a flame war, we can all be perverted weaboos and still be civil. my comment was less me being perverted, and more me making a ridiculous tail pun.
That's one nice piece of tail.
League of Legends
Iris cosplaying as any league of legends character would be awesome!
@Eruadan: at least we got someone to point out the pervy things we are all thinking. I salute you.
I haven't played many Sonic games, but he's one of those characters, like Star Fox, that has the potential to be a hit in the current generation of consoles, but hasn't received the right opportunities.