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@Yoskichu: no
starbound's winter update went live and stable a few days ago, hooray

and yet there still isnt a fucking functional server wrapper that will let me manage players and admins with plugins

so with that said, it's still private until i can find one
starbound is basically like a far more in-depth space terraria and a currently early-access game on steam for $15

it's awesome and you should totally get it, worth every penny

we have a server that is currently running the nightly build (beta with way more features), as soon as the winter update comes out it'll go public

ALSO TERRARIA WILL HAVE A SERVER AS SOon as the 1.3 update comes whenever the /FUCK/ that is
VMA more like VM-gAy
silently leaves this reuploaded copy here
"[6:50:44 PM] KM: it just mysteriously vanished one day"
i didnt know either so i asked him
r.i.p. in pizza, kurbigame
your legacy will live on

gigi required me to edit this to say if someone replies "second" they are legitimately getting their comment deleted

also gigi is gay lol
because km wouldnt stop complaining about the old one being too long of a page (he had a point though)
@Sapar: step one: navigate to page
step two: click the handy link titled "Jason" to take you to that part of the page
step three: see that my bio is a joke in the first place because it's actually the entirety of Cave Story embedded as a flash file
step four: laugh
@Sapar: ????????????
@Sapar: that says "characters".
@DaBrokor: it's a modpack
add me on skype or steam or something if you want to get on because i have to give out ~*instructions*~
i need to get on more because i didnt even know hanna got on

@Sapar: have you even seen jason's bio
i am the unofficial plotline advisor for this

and also if anyone wants to try playing cave story, i've updated jasons bio on the characters page
if the comment section keeps this up then there'll be more words here than on the skype screenshot page
i have done nothing but teleport bread for three days