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:O I bet he won't appreciate Shuno's barging in like that...
lmao, that derpy bird xD

this page is kinda cute <3 I the only one who thinks that adding shoujo sparkles to the second-to-last panel would make it even better? I don't think it would be too much tbh xD
:O ooh, I wonder what going on...?

I just stumbled upon this comic today and I really like it already. Love the color schemes and character's expressions especially <3 Also I'm curious as to what other fairy tales you'll tie into this story, if any.

Anyway this is really nice, keep it up :D
Haha this comic is adorable! And I like how colorful it is, that just makes it cuter <3 hope you make more soon~
Ahhh I love this comic. I can't even describe how wonderful it is to read. <3
But I'm curious, though--what books were used as the bridge? I think a page or two ago I saw something about Kansas and immediately thought Wizard of Oz, but the others I've no idea about. xD
Kaito's eye color changed what does it mean /le gasp

But really now. I'm curious about Colt's secrets now darnit :C
Haha, may I just say that I love how you have all these different characters representing different parts of your personality. It's beyond awesome :D And their interactions are hilarious and I've enjoyed reading so far~

That is all.


I mean this is adorable! Kaito, honey, do you really think you can hide from Shuno even in a spy store? xD
Nuu, dammit Clive, what's going on?! D:

Edit: Comment virginity is miiine >:D
...though considering the circumstances at the moment, it's probably inappropriate of me to say that lol
Yay, I made it through a hundred of these in one day, let's try for a hundred more >:D

I just found this today, and I have to say it's awesome. :D Some of these just make my day, they're so hilarious. Keep it up <3
@chikao Your idea. I love it. Hory sheet, but if that happened I think I'd fangirl three times as much as I am now /le blush

...I swear I'm not a pervert... xD

Also, though I love Ethan, ErikxMikkal make one hot couple. ;3
That was THE best incentive ever. xD clueless mother made me giggle.

And awesome page as always! Oh mai, Mikkal, whatchu think you're doing, mister?
Such a pretty page. <3
"Ladies first."

I see what you did there, Evan. You jerk. xD
... /dies of nosebleed

I always die of nosebleeds at these smut scenes. xD

EDIT: ohmaigawd comment virginity is mine for the first time! :O
...ASDFGHJ WHY IS HE SO PRETTY. /fangirl moment yus

Ahem. Anyways, I'm expecting pretty boy here to fawn over Erik. Like, "Who's the cutie?" or something. C:
Black used Glare!
It wasn't very effective...
Violet used Cute Puppy Dog Eyes!
It was super effective!

Okay okay I'm done. I just had to lol, it's too cute <3
This comic. It's SO adorable already~ <3 I can't wait for another page. Good work so far :D

By the way, I want the other girl's top. >w> off-shoulder awesomeness, yes.