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    Jordan William Todd (Jolly Wonder Terror)
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Excuse Me for a sec...
how did that comment get there...
I don't even remember, also I wasn't referring to you either.
Guest (Guest)
You Can Say That.
Oh Greatness!
I Need The Trololo Meme For My Icon!
Sex Scene...
I Bet!!!
Um ...
They Have Fur..
But It's Like Skin For Animal Mammals.
Just A little "AndySunStory" Reference!
It's Funny,
"Cus It Happens That way! How Would The Dog Be Born Without A *Bitch*?
*Female Dog, Of Coarse*
I Thought They Were Called "Boobies"?
(Really, There An Actual Bird)
XD, >.> Sh*t
Every One Here Needs A Life!
They Don't Have Eye Lashes?
Lost In Dialog,The Chosen Villan Can Only Kill Him In The 2nd Movie!
He Can't Die! Only The Chosen Villan Can.
F****in Forgot His Name. X/
*Deomon Voice*
You Should Alredy See The Joke.
He Got Burned!!
... By The Cigerette. *Cothavities*
X( Still A Fallout.
.Reply (Fixen
With Great Bladder Comes Bad Times To Use That Power!
Pimp My Ride Is On 7 Mate Now!
It's Funny To See The Satisfied ^Costemers.
I Don't Care If I Spelt It Wrong^
Gar's The Creator So...
I'm Not Sure?
The Cat In The Hat Won't Live For Long!