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Likes comedy, art and animation.

Current nuzlocke challenge: Soul Silver
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    Calum Richmond-Bailey
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I think 112 pages costs as a volume at this point, not a chapter haha. But yay, new cover soon!
@H0lyhandgrenade: There's a missing S in guess.

Loving your work, as always, by the way :)
Disappointed no-one has mentioned the bulbasaur behind pikachu. Bulbasaur the bouncer
"How big is your yard?" "oh, about, one oliver length" "Nice!"
At first's glance, before I saw george's thumb, I thought see was giving the middle finger to Allie
With all that crackling energy around all that ammunition on allie back, you'd think some of them would explode...
So many thinking Rat will either win or lose here (more towards lose) but I can see this going to a Double KO, meaning atty would win, as long as he has one usable pokemon...

Fish to clinch the win!
The drawing on the punching bag looks like Professor Sycamore to me...
@Novanto: @H0lyhandgrenade: how about 'Arti's cone-os'
Really want to see a singing/rap battle between Laila and Andy now :D
@H0lyhandgrenade Happy 11,000 fans exactly day!
@MRZ: Now... let us begin our conquest...
Very clever
You made that last line much harder to read this time, congrats. Only managed to read it myself by inverting my colour display.
I'm pretty sure there was a guy in XY in the city that said he went around making sure that every bin was empty, I guess thats game freak saying you don't need to check them anymore.
The two redhead near the back, I approve.
For those who want the first panel translated...

It seems I will be freed soon...


...Our fight is far from over."

Myths of Unova
A Nuzlocke White Comic, Hard Mode
@H0lyhandgrenade I don't blame you for having a cold, it was freezing yesterday in the UK. I left for work at 6am and it was zero degrees :S
"beiber still famous" "dragons still not real" what even?
@H0lyhandgrenade I am northern so I can confirm such sayings are in fact common. Lived in London for 3 years and I can't say I heard a preference to either 'was stood' or 'was standing'
@H0lyhandgrenade You like suit up scenes? What, even the Batman and Robin film's infamous scene? (shudders at the thought)