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Love the 666 on his hat. ;D
Tsk, skanking zombie gets no love..
(Btw, you forgot the checker patterns on the zombie's hat). ;)
Oh my stars.. That's just sick.
LOL. The mohawk dude is my favorite..
Lmfao. His little split in his mohawk.. "Mind the Gap" XDDD
Ahahaa, the second panel.. The dude who's smacking him is in a funny pose..
LOLOLOL at his little "thrust" in the second panel. And 'tis be very true.. You can't really tell if a Japanese person is a male or a female. Not hating or anything, I think it's pretty damn cool.
Haha, nice. xD
Science is FUN. :B
Lmao. I'm beginning to like the teacher.
Pretend you're a zombie and eat someone.. And then get a mohawk.
All of your pages are so colorful and calm. Nice mix.
@stupidarghs: Ah okay. I couldn't tell since they don't really have boobs. Girls that look like dudes are full of epicness most of the time. ;P
@Vitotamito: Yeah. I thought of the monopoly guy when first I looked at him, but he doesn't have that glasses thingy.
The old dude with the hat and mustache looks like the guy on the Pringles cans.
Loool at the expression on her face in the middle panel.
So are they both girls?
Last panel is full of WIN.
Don't think there's really a difference between emo and goth. Lawl.
Haha, I get why his name's Milo Point. XD