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bonus points for Alfred Hitchcock homage there
@Lekila: Thank you for understanding. I learned a lot about how to handle this exact situation and I can reflect on how I could have done things differently/better so everyone could have been happy, but unfortunately I can't go back and unmake those mistakes. Thank you for your well wishing and thanks for having read this project at all :3

Sorry T_T. It was sort of building up to it. I'd not had to rush the ending, Percy would have gone more and more off the rails and I think it wouldn't have seemed so sudden that something bad happened to him.

hmmm it really wasn't what I wanted, but out of curiosity, do you have any tips or advice for the situation I'm in? Basically, I HAD to finish it this summer or it wasn't going to get done at all. I had about 4 months in which to do it, so I'm wondering what I could have done better that wouldn't have left so many people disappointed?

No, it definitely was both those things, and not because I wanted it to be, but due to some serious time constraints. My current school program is so intensive that I had to mostly give up drawing altogether because the days were so busy (most of the pages done between January to March were very close to completion and even then there were spaces between them). So, sorry about disappointing, but it was the way it had to be so I could wrap it up instead of giving it the eternal hiatus and having it hanging over my head. Thank you and misterfive for reading though. I appreciate it :)

I know :C the epilogue is the same, but a lot of the chapters leading up were gutted. I didn't want to, but I NEEDED to have it finished before school starts. Last term I had to give up drawing almost entirely, and unfortunately I had outgrown this project some time ago :C I felt bad for doing it this way, but it was better than abandoning it.
T_T and it's over.

I'll post that journal entry wrap up a bit later and mark this comic as 'completed'

Thank you so much for reading this comic. I am so grateful for all your interest and your kind words over the years and if you have any questions I'll be answering them tonight.

here we go: wrap up journal:

It explains some things, so if there's anything you want to know, give it a look or drop me a comment, thanks!!
one more :C
posting the last few pages now. So, this will be the end. I'm going to write a journal entry on my DA account wrapping things up and taking questions. I'll link it here later on tonight.

He sure is
Sorry again for the proportion issues. Percy got shot :I
ahh sorry for the proportion issues, and seeing it now, that 'bang' looks too cartoony >_>. I need to do a lot more work on sfx :I

Posting the next page now.
another sudden scene change. pages got cut T_T sorry about that.
hahahhaah his face turned out even crazier and more sleep deprived than I meant it to, but alright hahahah
>_> another sudden scene change. I cropped, enlarged and changed around the cars a bit in that first panel, but it was mostly taken from the previous shot of the hospital. Hope it's not too obvious a copy and paste. only the second time I've done anything like that in this series. I don't like doing it, but uggg time constraints. Anyways, Percy continues his spazz spiral.
Boom. Secret revealed. A bit more rushed than I originally wanted. There were going to be more instances where Cody really started showing that he cared about people and was trying to get the formula and stuff. Those scenes got cut, but I HOPE that thinking back, it kind of makes sense. (He was undercover the whole time hahaha). ;w; go Cody.
sorry for another sudden scene change. you can tell scenes got smushed together in my mad dash to finish the series before September. Unfortunately, the story suffers for it more than I would like. Sorry.
hrrrggg so done with this page.

obviously, I am really good with drawing both cars and objects/people in correct scale.

PS: sorry for the sudden jump. the page inbetween got cut because it was just Percy running off, really. I spent so much time on the establishing shot here (hope you can tell it's a chaotic hospital...might have overdone it on the amount of vehicles in that parking lot hahaha).
geez. what a spazz.
Last issue ;_; and uploading the first page of this issue now.