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bonus points for Alfred Hitchcock homage there
I think the middle panel has a lot of life and the top and bottom of the page are good for the type of conversations going on. I think that like with your update on your other series, some variety in tone in the background would do a lot to help punch up the visuals. Keep going!
I like the expressions in the last two panels, I think they leave a very poignant impact for the page. I think that some of the tones or backgrounds could be given more variety, like at least some white or some different shades of grey to be less monotonous. Yay for updating!
@Mikira: aww thanks ^^;

@Inxerene: teehee yeah, he'd better watch out, since he is a shounen-ai/yaoi type character X3

@00AzNPr1d300: thank you very much!

@Mikado: haha his twin got cut off, so I'll be sure to draw him in another seat or somewhere else :3 thanks XD
ha! nice simple expressions and lovely sharp lines. XD hehe amusing intro.
he looks like a good counterpart for Chinatsu XD I'm sure they'll play off each other well. Good to have more characters who have previous ties :3
Haha this took a lot longer than I had imagined. As you can hopefully tell, I added a number of other people's student characters in the (poorly drawn) desks in the first panel.

In the first row starting on the left is Aoi, then Chinatsu, then Xiang, who's probably talking to his twin. In the next row, there's Yoshino, then Rebecca and Ritsuka next to her and then I got lazy and added some random nobody (it was getting late and my hand was getting sore). In the last row is a random girl, then Tsukiko, then two random nobodies after that.

I'm so sorry if I got anyone's character wrong, or didn't portray them accurately @_@ I had wanted to add more, but lazy. I'll be sure to draw more later ^^
very cool. it will be interesting to see how he plays between acting like a student and acting like a teacher XD I totally want to include him in some comics with my character. good stuff :3
@_@ I wouldnt have guessed! she hides it well. im scared but curious to see the other side~~ nice colouring~!
yay an adult character! haha she seems nice, like someone the students could confide in ^^ nice design.
ooh very cool character description and background story. I think your character would make mine paranoid (so maybe I'll do a comic of him spying on your character, if that's alright) haha good job with her glaring/angry expression
I read tattoos as tacos. I dont know how! but those are both awesome things. She seems like a well rounded character ^^
XD haha nice design, love the mask and the hair.

@Inxerene and @summerlight

XD maybe they can be good friends?
hmm I can understand why she thinks that from the first panel teehee very nice XD good flow
Name: Duskya Taira

Age: 16

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 158 lbs.

Personality: A bit eccentric, but harmless. He loves mysteries and conspiracies and is suspicious of everything. He sometimes makes a big deal of things just to get attention, though he is normally a well behaved student, if a bit anxious and hyperactive.

Personal History: Duskya was born in Russia and lived there until the age of 5. His father is a diplomat and he spent the rest of his childhood in several different boarding schools on several different continents. His parents divorced last year and he's living with his mother now. He hopes that Yuuku Gakuen will be the school where he makes permanent friendships and graduates from.
haha cute song, nice flow to it, and it gives a hint as to what kind of personality she has XD nice way to introduce the character and setting
aww thank you so much for accepting me ^^ I'll do my best!
oh, one more thing
sorry, forgot to ask if there is any BL allowed in this comic. I like het too, but I have a lot of fun with the boy-love XD
ahh I think I understand, thanks. I would like to apply ^^; Do I just hit the apply to co-author button?
This seems like fun, but I've never done something like this before. Do we each write little stories that follow our characters, or do we each take turns writing pages for a larger story?