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I'm from Canada.
I like reading books, history, manga/anime and kpop.
i love how they're talking about him not even caring that he can hear them!! XD
please update? i really like this comic, it's concept is so different and creative.

and the more you draw the comic the more you'll improve. :D
Really pretty picture!!
What was he doing LOL?!? xD
"It's called prison" LOL
Fatty pillows .... ew O_o

I LOVE it when this comic is updated!! It's one of my favourites!! :D
He's such a pervert!!! XD
October 21st, 2011
Yay!!! A update!!!
Thanks for the update!!
Love how Nao's pout looks!! :D
Hope she's not actually a pervert ...
Is she his sister or a policewoman or something? 0.0
NICE!!! X3
Great to see 7 years of French finally came in handy!!! ;P
@YaoiGirl09: Well that sounds pretty racist .... o__o

putting "lol" doesn't make it better ....
Thanks for the update!!!
Your comic is like my favourite!!

LOL "I could have took 'em you know..." xD
More....?!! :D
I feel sorta bad for her .... I also think the shadowing when he says "Maybe" is great!!
Love it so far!! :D
So much emotion!! Almost makes you want to look away ( like in a good way lol )
Awww .....
Sad I can't go .... I live in Nova Scotia .... love the picture!! X3
October 2nd, 2011
HAHAHAHA I love that face!!! XD
Top or Bottom ...?
DAVID should be the bottom!!!! X3
September 11th, 2011
OMG!!! D8<
BAD TEACHER!!! How dare he do that to Isamu!!!! D8<
He's Canadian?!! I'm Canadian!!! 8D
Yay!! Canadians FTW!!!

That cop has a distrust worthy face. =,=
Cookies ...?
Well that's not a very healthy breakfast!! XP
He should get the client to pay before hand ....