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I can never find Clefairy in Mount Moon, and Atty's lucky enough to find fifty of 'em.
He sure seems excited about it.
Can't wait for when Atty realizes that the cigarettes could do more damage than the Magikarp.
Wait, two Pokemon? Did Atty get Rat back already?
I like the new Rocket motto, much more fun.
No hordes of murderous animals? Does he not see those bloodthirsty Jigglypuff?
So that's why trainers don't move after you beat them...
So, how many pages of this chapter will be of Zubat encounters?
That was a beautiful little moment.
I did always wonder why Brock would just end his career to follow some random kid and his Pikachu. I mean sure Ash beat him, but doesn't everyone?
Yeah, I always figured they use intentionally weaker teams than their own, otherwise the city would just recruit some random Youngster from the next town over to run the gym.
If only Atty had known, he could have just glued a pin to a rock.
I guess seeing the murder of an electric mouse was too...shocking.
That just made my day, no, my week.

Let's be reasonable people, Rat's not coming back. Rat is dead. Or if not, it won't be able to get back from the moon.
Love George's face. She seems much more upset than Rat does about this plan
Please say this isn't one of those bs battles where they faint at the same time...
The look on DT's face is beyond perfect :)
Stein's attack missed!
Stein kept going and crashed.
This won't end well, seeing as fire is super effective to human flesh.
I don't know why George calling DT a bitch was so funny, but I almost cried laughing.
Such mixed feelings. I'll kind of miss when Atty could just carry DT by her tail.