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Jo Bunny
I am an Art Ed major and comic book hobbyist. I collect old comics and woodcut prints. My comic styles are generally inspired by the those two. Some have told me there's a Miyazaki feel to Theo and I guess that would make sense because that's one of my big influences.
I like writing both children's and "mature" stories, as you can tell by my drastically different comics.

Jo Bunny
November 26th, 2013
Dan looks so adorable in the last panel.
Oh gosh, Scott is just too adorable sometimes.
Love those outfits!
Jo Bunny
July 27th, 2013
those puppy dog eyes...

Southern US is hot and humid (and the mosquitoes are out in swarms!)
I keep staring at the key animation. Brilliantly done.

I'm the opposite with my hands. I can't even flatten my palms and my fingers all curve to the side (for unknown reasons my middle fingers twist so that the pad of the fingers do not face completely down with the rest)... Jinx's hands are much prettier than mine.
This certainly makes my Monday better.
Jo Bunny
January 8th, 2013
You lured me in with an adorable quirky story, and now we're getting existential with this... Now it's an adorable quirky story with some dark undertones showing.Thus I am further sucked in.
I'm really loving this page, especially his little rant panel.
He looks good with that scruffy face. 5th panel and last panel are my two favorites of this page.
These are all really cute.
I'm teaching a similar class starting next week to an older age group. These comics are certainly making me excited to see what my students will produce.

Thank you for sharing these. It's great to see students making stories.
Jo Bunny
August 17th, 2012
Very interesting creature design. It's a real cool idea.
Wow, it looks like you've been on a roll!

As always, your page compositions are amazing!
Very amazing so far!
Your skills with the pencil are incredible, and the paneling you do is fabulous and intriguing!

Can't wait for Halloween now!
This is going to be good! I giggled a little as soon as I saw that last panel.

Love the new name too!
Those two were so cute as little kids.
Also love the lines in the first panel that lead to Lucien's face.
that last panel made me giggle just a bit.
Very amazing job. I'm intrigued by the choice to depict all the other characters besides the two girls as silhouettes.
Also, your hatching work is amazing and beautiful, it definitely evokes that sense of an old print.
Operation Rescue Momo is a go.
Looking forward to the next update.
Great start so far.
I'm really drawn in to the story already. Looking forward to future updates.
Oh wow!
Kinda jazzed to see the fan art I made show up. *is flattered*