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Azashi Creeperkill
I kill creepers... And I play minecraft and sprite in my spare time
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    I don't see how that is any of your business...
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@IwillbenapoPRODUCTIONS: Dude, shut up, it's his/her webcomic, and they can use whatever words they want
>Grow a pair and stop making 8-bits, maples and shit sprites
Mist is ten times the man than typholeon would ever be, grow a pair and get over it?
Skrillashi! Grab my hair! ADVENTURE!!!
I got white for my birthday and then later on I got black :D
So does this mean Shadow is Francis?
Azashi Sprite Versioin: *Bollowing his eyes out* BWAAAAAHHHH!!!!

Azashi Skrillex: O_O

Azashi Portnoy: ... Fuck this I'm gonna go drum...
@Pie God
Jesus it reminds me of the shaft interviewing the yogscast

Lewis: NOTEBLOCKS!?!?!?!?!?!?!/!?!

A hint: Don't rely too much on youtube, it's full of noobs, some people learn that the hard way, and another hint, use light sources a bit more, and then determine where the lights and dark colours are going to be
Coming from a die hard pokemon fan, you should make red say "..." but people can understand what he means :D

Ps: Can you teach me how to make cosplay for sonic sprites?
Nooo offense, but if you worked hours on this, it was in vain, because the jacket is all messed up and the hair and bangs are pretty ugly
Errr, I'd rather not say this but I will, I don't really have the "Full" version, because I have a really bad computer, but once I fix it, I'll be purchasing it and Yay, then we can play ^^
Uh... You okay there? Nah I'm kidding, but seriously, great game, am I right?
It took me ages to play the game because my PC is really shit, so whenever I got far, I had to stop, but I finally finished the game today! I love this game, very pretty, visual masterpiece, Great voice acting, and overall, brilliant developers (ValvE if any of you didn't know) Can't wait till I get an X-Box, cause I'm gonna get portal 2, and maybe L4D1 + 2, cause they're made by valve, and in L4D2 there is an Aperture science easter egg, so yeah, I can't wait till christmas!
Hey, I was wondering, if you still play, I'll make a comic so we can post pics of our minecraft skins and textures, for the public to use... (Obviously telling to give credit)

Would that sound good?
Happy Birthday then! (Sorry for lateness... :P)
@typholeon90: Lol, don't worry bout that fag... He's just what I call... Another creeper to be detonated...