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I just draw. Basically nothing else ._____. sometimes I sing. I like dogs. I hate people who hate dogs. Erm... I lead an extremely boring life, I s'pose xD
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aww, that's kinda sad...
@Korona: Thank youuuu >.< I think I'm gonna have to keep them extra simple from now on, or I won't have time with school and stuff ^^;
Sorry it's late, busy Dx

I think imma concentrate more on the story and less on things like toning and shading etc
September 15th, 2011
Woah, that first panel is good O.O
September 11th, 2011
This comic is just so crazy xD I love it! I'd buy it... If I could... Maybe I can... Someday >.>

I love Sir Russel
I love him already, I really love him, he seems awesome xD
September 9th, 2011
I cried Dx
Ohoho I am so bad at toning Dx
I'll wait patiently for the next page :3 (paha, I'm never patient.)

I love your comic, and your drawing style is wonderful. Never give up!
Hello and thank you for reading my comic, Fur and Feathers! Here's the front cover, though I have a feeling I may want to change this at some point, because it's not great...

Anyways I try to upload a page or 2 every Sunday, so yeah :3 enjoy!