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I can't draw humans.... Or rabbits for that matter.
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Hey everyone! I want to thank you all again for your [kind of implied] support throughout the process of Chapter 1!

But that's not why you're reading this I'm guessing. I think you want to know how this all came to be, where the beetle came from, and why it's so EVIL. Well, here's the URL, knock yourself out!
Ahhhh, this story arc is now complete! I'm going on a hiatus while I finish up high school, present my comic, graduate, and have panic attacks. Thanks for sticking with me through these 6 or so months! I'll be back to continue the story later. Some feedback would be great!
Surprise Wednesday update! I have two more pages done, and I'll be uploading them over the next couple of days so that you guys get to see the chapter out before June. Thanks for sticking with me guys!
Sorry for the block of text! I'm trying to wrap everything up by the end of the month if possible. This means that my updates might become sporadic, updating as I finish pages. The chapter's almost over guys!
Woo! 40 pages! Thanks for staying with me thus far, those who have actually been reading! And to any newcomers, thanks for actually bothering to read Doom Relic. You make my life.
I'm so proud of Aldwin's little comment there. I'm wondering if that should be his catchphrase.
Yay! Posted on time! And with a cliff hanger too~!
Sorry again for the lateness, but it's on time! Next week's should also be on time! Hopefully....
Sorry for the lateness!
Hey, because of oral surgery related stuff, I'm a little (a lot) behind! For now, enjoy this fun Easter picture! It's early! I don't care! :D
Sorry for the lateness! My jaw hurts >.<
Hey everyone! For those people who actually check for comments, by the time you read this I've probably gotten my wisdom teeth removed, all four of them. Chances are also high that because of this, Monday's comic will be late! In the meantime, enjoy the magic overload!
Oh, look who it is!
*Clapping frantically* I do believe in diagonal cats! I do! I do!
So much blood! Oh Lucien... It's all over your face!
I'm so sorry for the lateness. I was away all weekend, and I didn't work on it yesterday when I got back or on Friday before I left! Anyway, Lucien, Ian's character, got an update, since I didn't have a reference when I drew him the first time and that was awful.
Soooo many cameo characters! Featuring Floofy's blonde folf Cobra, Ian's flamboyant fox Vincent, Alex's g. shepherd Jack and cat Alex, and Cora's dragon dude.
If you've noticed, I have a habit of copy+pasting backgrounds from previous pages onto the newer pages if the scenes are the same. In order to make up for it, I remembered to draw Aldwin's hair tie.
Hey everyone! Happy Valentine's day! Sorry again that I don't have a holiday picture but seriously, who's gonna kiss? The couples in the comic haven't even shown up yet!
Haha. Ha... Haha......

I set this morning's page to pose on the 31st by accident.... There is no 31st of February!