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I currently... well, gosh, I'm out of ideas on what to write here already...
Soo, you think it would be better if I leave the background black and white?
Arriving soon!
As you can see in the profile page of this comic, I'm playing with some modified rules:

(Modified) Nuzlocke Rules:
-Any Pokémon that faints is considered dead
-You can only catch the first Pokémon encountered after visiting a person/place which heals your pokemon ie. Pokemon center (<- because I want to limit the number of pokemon on my team even more)
-If you encounter a duplicate pokemon already on your team, you may capture the next pokemon you encounter instead
-Give all your Pokémon nicknames

Like I said in the brackets, I want to limit the number in my party :D

I'm also playing this as I draw, so ... hopefully I won't fail and have to end it or anything >.> I've played Crystal before, but not Heartgold, so we'll see how it goes, shall we?

Story arriving soon!
March 16th, 2014
So, I don't really think I'll be continuing this comic anymore. I found a few pages I hadn't uploaded from 2 years ago and have them up now, but that's probably all I'm going to do for this.
2 year old comic page... >.>
2 year old comic page... >.>
March 16th, 2014
2 year old comic page... >.>
March 16th, 2014
2 year old comic page... >.>
wait, wait, they have hats AND wands? Is Harold's wand the candy cane in his mouth, then?!
lol, now there's a zubat somewhere smoking his cigarette XD Atty, catch that one!!
"I really wish you guys didn't live so close to the forest lol" <- That's how I read the last speech bubble. The shirt snuck in to her sentence! XD
Is it weird that when I look at Purple, I think of Professor Brian Cox?
Beautiful! The art is gorgeous, and I love the vibrant colours! Plus it's focused on the bat-girls of Gotham! What's not to love?
pfft onix has eyebrows XD
Story time's over? But we still don't know why Gloom's hair's turned black, and eyes red! (unless Wallis turned it like that accidentally while he was trying to fix Harold's limbs?)
Dear LoP,
You are the goddess of expressions.
A little off topic, but I was look at a picture on dA of lemongrabs (, and my first thought was 'oh, so that's where Gloom's lemonheads come from!' ;)
Haha, honestly, he doesn't even need a HM. All he needs to do is lift his hand and reach for it.
The (british) Lemon Heads are invading! Send in the army! :O
@Loverofpiggies: OMG, and here I thought it was Assistant's magic powers! She can control ear size with her ear wand!! XD
I just like the point out that their ears seem to be getting bigger, and slowly melding in with their face (assistant, panel 3, lol) XD

But I still love this comic regardless :DD