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Yep its alive
I may be slow but I intend on finishing this series! I already have the rest of the series planned out, so expect some more laughs. The intention was to be a 50 comic series but its going over that!

locoroco1: You can see it in the older comics, its just a gold statue of an old shy guy. The sort you see in town squares sometimes.
Yeah, another comic
Didn't expect another comic out of me so soon did ya? X3

Another guest appearance of Ned.
Dead comic of earth... Rise.
Well, just in time so that I didn't end the year without making a comic.

Return of Locust's Clown-guy

Also... forgive me I don't know who sent me this one but he's Solid (snake) Guy.
Another update just to show it's alive. I'm extremely pleased with the expressions on Weege and Bowser's faces in the last 2 panels.
It's a quick update this time but I forgot to resize the text. At least I got this one done within a month
Still kicking.
3 months but I managed to update. Spent the time working on other projects but also ideas where this sprite-fic to go.

Leahcim- Sprite fic may not be a well known descriptor. It's mostly refering to a sprite comic that has a definitive plot and isn't episodic, meaning the comics have little to do with each other. On the topic of cameos I prefer to take mario sprites, but I reserve the right to say no if I have no way of incorporating them. (if they're too big for example)
REAL late...
No, it's not dead. But I have to apologize for the inconsistent text, I made this on 2 separate computers and I had to use different programs to finish it... Not happy about it but it's an update
Crazyfrog1234: There's actually two, but that's just in the castle.
Replying to y'all
Shadow the Unborn: yeah, sorry for the long delay... as for the sprites. I made them. It's just a repaint with a small crown added. The facial expressions are pretty easy to edit...

Briianz: Whoops. Fixed.

Scytheholder: PM me what IM service you have, We'll talk about your character.

MEEP GOD: No, that ring came from an RPG sprite sheet I found a LOOONG time ago.
EDIT: Star ocean was the name of the RPG.
4 years...
It's nothing special, it just commemorates all the characters that are still alive in the series.
scytheholder- Sneezing and burning ears are about the same thing. They're both supposeded signs that someone's talking about you.
Regarding all requests for Cameos:
As long as you present me with an orignal sprite sheet, You'll have a good shot of getting in. Just PM me or post a comment with a link to your sheet and I'll respond accordingly.
today's guest appearances:
Karate Duo #1 owned by the guys who do Bowser's Kingdom.

Mexi guys created by me. ^^

Locust Guy created by The Grim Locust

Ninja guy Fred created by Solo Mecha Lord Form
CIWY- I'd like to stop using those 8 bit maniac mansion backgrounds, but the truth is I can't find decent 16 bit BGs I could use for the usual rooms my guys hang out in. Until I find some 8 will have to do.

Knight- you have a point. if I'm not getting paid for it why should I care? I'm just doing this for fun after all. I like continuing this comic.
today's guest appearance: Ztoad from LocustmanX
Dude I'll take any cameos as long as they don't turn into regular characters
Sorrysorrysorry... ><
Sorry for how long this one took... just been really busy. I hope to get the next one done in a few weeks. (still have other comics and stories to make >< busy busy busy...)

@hihi: He's saying 'weege' like a nickname for a nickname. If I had wanted to say weegee I would have.
To CIWY- My friend at Debacle studios wrote it. I only put the comic together.
SkySukairaa- I'm not used to using so many dark colored panels, so this is a work in progress. things will change in the next few comics

Knaaren- I thought it was somewhat clear that they just stole 'ball. I never really implied that they were Bowser's Shys. I guess I failed somewhere... *goes off to think*
Solo: Mecha Lord Form -
Sure, just PM me a sheet and tell me about him. My comics always open to fans for cameo appearances.

Crescent Moon- Glad you like. ^^