Chainsaw Winchester Adams


Pirate radio dj of 50.5 SOS radio

-Turn on's-
Reel to Reel b/w horror films
Playboy "strictly for the articles"
Fermented strawberry soda
State collectable thimbles

Turn offs:
people who dress up animals
smoking "Unless it's a ham"
synthetic fibers "I have sensitive skin"

Relationship Status:
Forever seeking the elusive mayflower of love.
AKA Green eyed girl

Favorite quote:
there's no reality it's just an illusion
there's no real sanity just trained confusion

Current location:
Wastelands just outside of Tulsa
  • Real Name
    John Calliari
  • Age
  • Gender
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All issue Zero art done by Chonchen Saelee of Eastfist!
Want to be an artist with SOS Radio? Today is your chance! Now that issue 6 is complete I will begin posting the pages of issue 0 as a campfire story told by Boom Boom recalling when she first met Chainsaw. Issue 0 will have a single page depicting Boom Boom, Roxy, Ceed and Ruby sitting around a campfire the night before the jailbreak. For those interested in illustrating this page you have one week to draw up the scene yourself in your own style. Sadly I cannot offer up any compensation but your work will be given proper recognition on the page as well as details for anyone who might hope to follow up on your work. Please come to me if you are interested and have any questions.
December 14th, 2016
Originally, when I came up with the idea of the Commonwealth "So-So's" I wanted to literally burn the edges surrounding his image to help intensify their null abilities but it's harder than yould think to take a match to something that took you a week to draw.
October 22nd, 2016
issue 0
HI all. So some good news. The re-draw of issue zero is now underway. The process will take a few months but once it is done I will be posting it here at the end of the current issue as a campfire story told by Boom Boom the night before the prison raid. This is costing me a bit of money and I could really use some help. Now I'm not going to strong-arm people into donations. Whether you choose to help or not will not change the fact that I will make the end result free to view to all readers. I never wanted this comic to be about making money and to stay true to it's message I can't go making ultimatums or starting some kickstarter campaign because either way, it will be made and you will get to see it. But if you like my stories, and might want to make it easier for me to make payments, feel free to send donations via paypal to . You will have my thanks, and to show my appreciation, I will provide a link to my GoogleDrive account so you can see all the original artwork I did so many years ago. I hope your all enjoying the new developments in the story and I know you're going to love ChongChen's remake of the original first and un-printed chapter.
September 5th, 2016
I've been lying
For the past 5 years, one of the major plot points has been built on a lie I've been keeping from you and will be revealed in page 623. prepare yourselves for a game changer
next time....
Next time one page 619, Chainsaw becomes a stripper! I'm not joking, this will actually happen!
The next few pages features the theme song of "We are giants" by #DiaFrampton and #LindseyStirling
Id like to thank all of the fans who banded together to help raise funds to help pay for this summers convention appearances. The $0.00 will be put to great use and help me share this story with people all across this nation who are willing to travel to Milwaukee in July.
It's convention time! Once again I will be selling copies of SOS Radio at Milwaukee Mighty Con and am waiting to here back from Kitsu-kon in Green Bay and Geek Central in Arkansas but I need HELP! I need to pay for more copies and convention costs so I'm offering a special deal. Order all 5 hardcopy issues of SOS Radio on Indie-Planet and you will recieve the following bonus material
-SOS Radio issue Zero
-Issues 1-3 of my first comic Grey Matter
-12 recorded radio shows of SOS Radio from online program
*24 hours of recorded audio
-My Independant Movie "The Proper Motivation"

The cost of comics plus S/H is only $30!! Once you recieve your issues send me a pic of you and your new comics and I will send you the link giving you access to my Google Drive account which contains the material. Any and all support would be great

@Drakanor Dream: cool, first I have to dig up my old "Grey Matter" comic from Highschool
special deals
Question for all of you SOS Readers. If I started a special deal for selling the hardopy issues of SOS Radio in which buying issues 1, 2, 3, and 4 would come with a free digital download of chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4 of my first comic "Greymatter" and when purchasing all 5 issues you get all of that PLUS the never released "Issue 0" depicting the first appearance of Boom Boom, would that interest anyone enough into a sale or two?
February 24th, 2016
Just a note to all of you true blue fans, there is a possibility that an SOS Radio spin off might be in the works. Discussing it with the artist as we speak! Fingers crossed!
December 5th, 2015
will be spending some extra production time adding about 8 pages onto issue 1 to include a flashback into the fabled Minneapolis breakout that made Chainsaw infamous as well as a new ending including a narrow escape from raiders
stay tuned
Lots been going on. Page is sketched just needs coloring which i'll do this weekend.
Can you name the following items? "Denture Dodger" "Static Shuffler" "Recipe Recall" "Shell Storm" No? I'll tell you why. Because they haven't been invented yet. But they will this Friday at 10pm CST on SOS Radio as we reveal the latest and greatest in zombie survival technology on the shows 3rd Invention Convention!
This weeks show features the talents of Kara Martin,and Janine Santana
Tune in, your life may depend on it!

Only on...
Travelers notes
The power of charisma that Chainsaw wields wasn't always a talent used for inspiration. In the early years, this ability was more often found in manipulating sociopaths such as Jimmy Jones, Charles Manson and a number of others that preyed on weaker minds.
Traveling notes for the post apocalyptic survivor

One must always beware of ones doctor. Most practicing doctors learned medicine while living in the POD network before the Great Awakening. The research of medicine was most often a direct result of the individuals obsession with the details of gore to the extent of examining the human anatomy. Thus, those who learned medicine were more often than not sociopaths.

Therefor, most current doctors are also notorious serial killers who don't fill their blood lust on simple operations. The more infamous the doctors after hours endeavors, the more skilled the physician. Because of this all murders that a doctor commits are not punished as medical help is so few to come by. Be extra careful that a doctor never treats you 'on the house'. This most often means he will be making you a house call that will cure you of your mortality.
notes 2
Travelers Notes.

Always be on the look out for the clan of PETA. After the POD network went down resulting in a drastic decline in the population of the US, the group formally known as the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals saw it as a sign that the era of human kind was at an end. Long living with the Reality Liberation Organization their views had turned extreme. After seeing the terror of the Raiders they changed from protecting wildlife and became a movement for an entire cleansing of human-kind. Only having respect for fellow members, their only mission is to wipe out the remaining humans while they are on the ropes to return the world to the animals.
Travelers notes for the post apocalyptic survivor

Old world salvage is hard to come by. Whether it be vacuum preserved food or power-tools, most of the common places of interest have already been raided. One can find such treasures if they are ready to face great danger.

When the global wireless network went up in 2147, a perfect internet connection could be accessed from anywhere on the planet. A problem was soon discovered. The global network interfered with navigation equipment making it difficult to export and import good by air and sea. The answer to this problem was drastic yet elegant.

A rail-cannon "Goliath" was created capable of punching a laser through the Earth itself entering at one point and exiting at a desired point on the other end of the planet. A blast from the laser was followed by a release of billions of nano construction bots that instantly created a hollow tube system with a built in rail. A second generation of locomotives were developed that started at one end of the Earth, pulled down by the gravity of the Earth and then propelled by rockets to reach the other end providing a speedy transport of goods.

When the world went dark these machines were still in use and filled with cargo. If one is bold enough they can 'dive' for these subterranean machines but with the risk of falling into a bottomless pit.
Want a vacation? Need to relax? Want to go to an exotic get away with radioactive tanning, undead cliff-diving, and ritual volcano sacrifice? Then tune into SOS Radio this Friday at 10pm CST as we turn Slasher Plaza into the ultimate vacation location! Only on...