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this is breaking my heart. It feels like every time Kae finally gets close, Inori gets taken away again. Hopefully they'll be together, wherever they end up, if they're both being hunted. Maybe Inori will get his memory back...who knows...but seeing Kae's tears again made my heart shatter. </3
Please don't stop here T_________T
Oh goodness...Daddy comes into the picture at the greatest moments. It's like this guy's got sonar or something.
This is so exciting and full of suspense...!
Kaito T_T I love this scene <3
So very excited and looking forward to more plot unfolding! Keep up the great work!
Oh Gods, please don't stop here T_____T It's so good, and that's the most reaction we've seen out of Shuno in a long time! At least of this type of caliber!
Oh fuck....shit just got real, son.

I think, though, that that was one of the biggest turn-ons, ever. "I know what he does. I know what you do, Mr. Bossman." OHHHHH YEAH.

Note: I call my boss, "Bossman." Constantly. It's one of my nicknames for him. And there are many.
Awww going to miss it :( but enjoy yourselves and we'll be here when you come back <3
I'm actually scared.
I think this is so cute, and to top it off, Shuno and Kaito are getting to know each other all over again. I get the feeling that the next time they have some lovin' it's going to be very different and very special. I look forward to it.
Severe KaitoShuno withdrawal D:

And this RN is looking for jobs...but how the hell can I get the 1-2 years experience they require if they don't hire me? D: Woe.
@funny_diebarbarin: Hahahaha awww :3 it makes me happy <3
@funny_diebarbarin: Thank you, darling!
@Lady Of Crimson: Haha thank you so much! It really means a lot to have had so much support from KS followers, and I'm really happy to be able to say that I did pass and now I really am MiechanMato, RN! Hahahahaha!! Dude, that'd so be such a KS party! Could you imagine! Lots of blue and red and strawberries. And bunnies and kitties.
@angelperez, keep up the great work! I'm excited to see what's going to happen and where this is going to go! I can't wait!

And in addition, I was told to inform you, @funny_diebarbarin and @Tristripe about what came of my practicing and what not for retaking my exam.

I did a 1.5 month long review at home on my own time that I finished 100% on Tuesday. Yesterday (Wednesday the 11th) I went and took my boards again. Today, the 12th, I got my license number.


So I just wanted to say thank you to you guys for all the support you showed me when I was so disgustingly depressed over failing the first time. :) You guys really helped me kick it into gear, and I DID IT! :D
@funny_diebarbarin: Work has gotten a little better...I still can't stand half the people I work with, though. But Friday night (3/30), a ton of my friends and several awesome coworkers are coming out to celebrate my birthday (which is Sunday, 4/1). I'm so excited to enjoy it with my friends and the coworkers who do care enough to come out.

Studying has been going's brutal, but I'm 2 sections (6 hours) away from being done all video content. Afterward, I just have 6 practice-tests to take, and then I study my ass off with practice test after practice test and then take the readiness test. @_@ GUH.

I am DETERMINED to pass this time. I will do it; I am not as anxious as I was before. (Nervous, yes, because I'm afraid of failing again) but I will pass it. I will get through it. I know what to expect.

You gotta' be strong and believe in yourself, right? :)

Thanks for caring <3 It's nice to hear from you. IDK if you have IM hosts, but I have yahoo, msn, aim, and gmail if you enjoy chatting. :)
Seriously...the BEST ending to a chapter. I'm so excited to see this wild side that Kaito's talking about, to see their relationship develop, and to see just how amazing they're going to be together. I love that..."can you handle it, Shuno?" Very sexy <3
Seeing baby Shuno so terrified like that breaks my heart :(
This is an amazing chapter. I really hope that it hits Kaito in the face exactly WHY Shuno is the way he is...since he was a little one, aside from the love of his amazing parents, all he's known is violence. He grew up way too fast, having to see that horrific sight right in front of his eyes, not able to do anything but sit there and watch. His parents were in a bad situation trying to make the best of it and protect their babies as best they could.

If Anoki had stayed with Shuno, that doesn't mean the same outcome wouldn't have happened. She could have stayed in the closet with him, and they would have found her. It's heartbreaking.

Shuno's guarded and doesn't open up easily for so many reasons, and it's obvious that this is one of the biggest ones. I just truly hope that their relationship only blossoms more.

And I'm sure that Shuno, with his training, will be able to prevent the same thing from happening again with the way that he loves Kaito.

What an awesome story. Keep it up, Angel!

And @angelperez, I agree with the others who've commented...another Uke/Pride/ShuShuKun comic would be splended :D