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Krazy chicken with wild bucktooth~
Go to school for a better future? Or get a job and do what you can now? Choices choices choices~

XDD; I'm such a fail~ But it's okay! We both know Yume will be fine cause she's a smart girl~
I don't know what I'm doing with the tones... =w=;
That moment you just want some peace.

@Sol LOL XD;
OMG...I finally updated.
Sorry for the late update. ;w; I had this page inked for a while, but I slacked on toning. orz||| Anyway, hopefully this page makes...sense. ;w; *dies*
@Rein Akira

Hiya~! This series isn't in print because...I haven't finished drawing all. ;u; It's slowly progressing though! Both me and Ki (the writer) will make an announcement once the series is finished for printing. But don't expect it any time soon. I'm hoping to finish it by Anime Expo 2016, but no promises. *failedartist*

However, thank you for supporting the series and I hope you'll stay along for the ride as me and Ki both try our best to finish it! TTvTT)b
Probably the easiest page I drew so far. XD; Thanks to all the tones~ *gets kicked*
@GuineaPiggy ...unfair? ;w;
I had so much trouble with that first panel it wasn't funny. ;___; *fliptables*
@Stanger7 It's actually really good~! ;w; I just happened to have a bad stomach for it this time. XD; I blame mah sister~ *lameKai*
New page~ 8'D I'm finally on winter break and hopefully can get more pages out. orz|| Currently sick over curry noodles tho... *dies*
And a new page is up~~ If you follow me on twitter you would know that I mentioned how Yume's eyes keep on getting larger. ;v;)a

Lol You know that I would never abondon this series! XD;
The new page is up~! ;v;)/ And we finally get to see her mother. YAY~ *coughcough*

We're not dead yet! I'm currently struggling with school so I haven't had time to update yet! New pages are coming soon so please look forward to it! ;V;
The last update for now. No updates tomorrow cause it's Christmas and I'm gonna get enslave to do be a chief. orz||| LOL But I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and happy holidays this year~

Can't wait to see everyone's new year resolution. =v=)b

I actually have to take breaks between drawing each bg cause I DON'T have the patience for it. XDDD;;;; If only I did things would go a lot faster. =v= *shot*
Another page is up~ I kinda bg exploded this page... LOL

;v; *wiggles on your head* I try my best to keep everything going. XD;;

Yes I am~
And a second page~ Ha, bet ya'll didn't expect that. =v= *shotinthekneecaps*
I'm on christmas break, so this means more pages to come soon~! ;v;)b Thank you to those who are still patiently waiting and supporting this series~

Ki, don't kill me... orz|| *runsaway*
PPFFFFFF Well, that only took like a chapter and 9 pages to get her name. *stares at Naoki* BTW, just throwing it out there, Naoki isn't a playboy. He's just simply popular due to his...MONEH. *SHOT*

XDD;; WUT?! I only added a few extra dialogues and some moment of silence. *fail* Your awesome stories are worth drawing~ ;v;)b Oh, and I draw everything digitally now. You would assume it takes me less time, but NUOOO it takes me twice as long. orz|||

H-hi Sol. *gets shot in the knee caps* orz||

@Everyone who commented last page
Thank you so much for still bothering to read the series! I know it's slow at updating, but I'm trying! ;__;)b Thank you Ki for still putting up with me even though it takes ages for a page to upload.

*goes to sleep now*
How long has it been since I last updated...almost 9 months? orz||| *dies*

Thank you to everyone who still bothers to check up on this series! ;__;)/ *throws confetti* I know Ki definitely was gonna kill me if I didn't update. Don't blame him though. XD; *failpartner*

But yay~ New page~! Also, I think the lines are too thin... And WHAT IS TONING?! I DON'T EVEN ASDLFJAWEJFRAE!!


BTW I lost the original fonts I was using for the series. orz||| UGH. I apologize for the inconsistent fonts.