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Actually there is 1 human being in every company: it's how bots get through all of those Captchas.
The hard life of a cyberstalker
I needed a still of Rym at a desktop for this comic, which YouTube couldn't quite deliver, seeing as how most videos of Geeknights are at various panels (or "lectures", for you people in college). After spending a few hours on the web looking* for a picture that would fit the bill, I realized I went from being an (admittedly half assed) creative person and firmly into the realm of stalking. Oopsie?
Which is why** this comic comes in stick figure form.

(*) No, I didn't find anything useful, Rym gets my "minor celebrity, pictures of whom are damned hard to find on the web" award. Scott, on the other hand, was easier to find.
(**) Besides the obvious, I'm also trying to keep this comic Creative Commons friendly, and those kind of pictures would be anything but.
And the farce continues
Stay tuned for the shocking conclusion.
(and by 'shocking conclusion' I mean you'll be shocked that we abandoned the comic in the middle of a story line)
(and by story line I mean whatever is in the comic at the time.)
Let's see if this goes anywhere...