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His girl crew is my favorite.
I just love clueless BL boys. It's just so beautiful.
Finally caught up!
I've been reading this comic since it first came out but got so behind this year. I'm finally caught up and glad I did! These two boys are my fav!
@amanduur: I actually loved her reaction. That poor mom trying to keep her cool.
I can wait patiently because your pages are always worth it lol.
Congrats on the job! I'm sure (if you want) you can find something after it ends. There's a good chunk of time between now and December.
chapter 40 is missing D:
Where is chapter 36?
Glad you're back! <3
It looks fantastical. As always, your art is beautiful, and the story already seems unique and interesting. I am super excited for the rest!
Poor behbeh :(
I am so so SOOOO glad you are doing another comic! I am really excited for this!!
Your pen drawing skillz are amazing.
BEST. BRO. #bros4lyf3
This page is fantastic lol! I love your bl comics!
"so..." you guys can do it! go forth!

Thank you for making this lovely comic! I found this comic just today and read through it. Its truly a masterpiece ^^ i love your humor.
That last panel @_@ ima faint lol
Do your thing gurl. Good luck!
You're only solution is to stop being so beautiful and amazing. HAHAHAAHAHAHAAH GOOD LUCK HAHAHAHAH YOU CAN'T AHAHAA.
You too perf. Accept it.