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@Lightning S. 464: Mommy, my games sh**ed out on me again lol. No just kidding. I'd keep it the same. Try doing different games like
Kill the ponies Pikachu!
@senalcoolage: youre retarded
@Chrono Z: but i mean DESTROYED! Its not a comic anymore
Theawesomepizzaman is hacking! I dont know how to stop him! He just was trying to ruin that sprite school thing
@senalcoolage: i though so too.
oh god not him too lol!
@321TaTer: what's the 1st?
@pyrus: Cool I will discuss with u with it. Will Supa win? And who does Nodoka like?
@Slyfer: Stop it. Its my creation. U ***hole
@pyrus: oh sorry! i will tell u next time!
huh? whats going on? luffy threartenvto ban slyther?
@SteamingBullet: Look into OMC pg 8-Game challenge.
@Slyfer: It's not shadow, it's Anubis.
@masterof16-bit: There is a reason why it's the past. Why? you'll seeeeee........
The guy looks like a dead fish