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animator/illustrator currently working at an art store just outside the city of brotherly love :)
Hahaha!! I completely sympathize...i run into the same problem all the time! I've recently started putting a bunch of mp3 playlists on my ipad for that very I can turn wifi off and actually get stuff done xD
yeah, that's crazy my store (i work in large format printing at an art store) it costs more to have the employees do it for you, 'cause you factor labor into the price. and rush/express fees are legitimate, but not if the employee's standing around doing nothing!
congratulations!! i know it can feel like a HUGE weight off your shoulders to finally have a job. i hope it goes well for you!
ahaha...I totally know that feeling xD Animation is a crazy amount of work! But the logo is super cute! And good luck with your interviews, I know it can be really tough finding a job these days. x3x to speak. A collection of random ideas that ended up just being one-panel comics. xD
I can really relate to this comic a lot. I went through school thinking about what I could do that would make the most money, not what would make me most happy, because I didn't know. I didn't figure out what I wanted to do til midway through my second year of school, after I had already picked a major. I ended up switching, shoving three years' worth of courses into two years, and it was crazy hard but being happy is so worth it. Also worth being poor. xD

Video editing sounds really cool though, I do a tiny bit of that for my chosen field but never enough to really get in-depth. I think it's awesome that you found what makes you most happy and pursued it, this is a really inspiring comic. :D (long comment, sorry!)
Whenever someone asks "how late are you open?" about 5 minutes from close, this feeling of nervousness starts up. Mostly because they often follow up with "can't you keep the store open for me?"

Who hasn't been in this situation? Doesn't make it any less hilarious!
Not even kidding. You really can't make this stuff up!
Sometimes it's hard to comprehend how some people get through life not knowing that "no" means "no."

Speaking of the printing department, I don't think I mentioned before, but I got a transfer into that very department! Meaning I only work in the retail part of the store every so often. I'm enjoying it a lot so far. :D But not to worry! There are still plenty of crazies!
Ever like to imagine you have your very own soundtrack? Yeah. This is my usual work music on that personal soundtrack. ;P

(For reference, the song lyrics are: "fuck you" by lily allen, "brand new day" from dr. horrible's sing-along blog, and "want you gone" from portal)

Sorry for the delay -- as I expected, my internet issues were a hands-on affair. But I've got it working now! Hooray!
I suck! This was supposed to be posted on Thursday, and I clearly forgot this week! A lot's been going on, I suppose, but better late than never, right? This was honestly a first...and hopefully is a last. xP Protip: if a website has the name of a major chain competitor's store, it's most likely not ours.

Just a heads up: I'm moving this week and don't have internet in the new apartment yet! Hopefully it won't take TOO long to get that set up, but just in case, I might be late this coming week as well. I'll try to have it up by Sunday!
I just want to say, first off, that this is the very first ENTRY-LEVEL! comic that is ACTUALLY about someone with an entry-level job xDD He teaches english composition courses, and uh...sometimes I fear for him. I really do.

So yeah. Actual entry-level job in this comic! It's a momentous occasion!!
PHEW! I sure did promise you a comic! FINALLY I think things are settled enough for me to make a triumphant return -- this time, a REAL triumphant return! Not only have I secured a place to live, but some other exciting stuff is coming up. I'll be in touch about it. :) For now, I'm bumping updates down to once a week, so I can do this whole moving thing at the end of the month, get settled, find myself a scanner, etc. We'll see what happens from there!

I have so many comic ideas, it's kind of crazy. It's so good to be back!! Hope everyone's been doing well. <3
Hahaha!! I used to work in an underwear store, if someone had come in to use a bra as a slingshot it would have made my day. xD Fly, angry bird, fly!!
I love how simple this update is! Images can say a lot, and that's what's cool about it Also, Ruthie and Janey are adorable :3
Man, Christo, stop being a jerk xP

I got totally spoiled by daily updates. What'll I do now that it's going back to normal!! No but really, thanks for doing that, it was great :)
Dadada!! xDD I love the look on the other guy's face, too. He's like ">E MINEEEEEE /hiss!"
There are times where you just don't know what to say to a person because they just act so goddamn CRAZY...
I finished this one before I got a couple weekends off temporarily, but still! Working weekends wouldn't be nearly so bad if everyone and their mother didn't make a big deal out of getting out of work on friday for the weekend. xP