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I enjoy a good story regardless of content
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    Irene lafontaine
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Yay!!!!!!! Bryn's not a goner. That majic wielder has sure messed the mother load. Can't wait to see what new adventures come their way.
Not leaving you unless you abandon it for a year.
Awe, he's gonna freeze. Poor dude.
I was worried when I first saw this, thank goodness it's not the real deal.
Total cave man moment.
You runned away! Oh my that dragon don't know no grammar :D. That's just precious.
I think the bar tender better get new underwear, brown skids don't make a good fashion statement. Vio, don't look now but I think you almost have a probl.....ah who am I kidding, things can only improve from here on in. Go dragon yay!
November 11th, 2012
Im Always glad to see updates.
Wow I just love the expressions. I think I read this comic for those alone :)
Well that was interesting; is vio's sister always such a twit. I mean getting kidnapped by a man eating dragon is kind of slightly a big deal don't you think?
I think i'll need two smokes. That's just too hot.
I can't believe it, he's like a dog with a tail caught between his legs. Awwwww that's just too sad.
Woo hoo, new chapter. I really like this comic so far, the characters are cute in an innocent sort of way and the humor is light. This is just one of those stories that is easy to get into and really enjoy.
Oh, wow this is so bold. I love it a thousand times over.
Wow getting hot and heavy. I love this comic
Yay for heavy luggage! But what about the magical gems? Something tells me he's kind of a fraud.
Uhhhm so who' s lunch is it and just how did rain acquire it? The real kicker is why is he eating it, but then again I should talk, I have an affinity for ice cream, cheese and yogurt and I really don't digest it well, and then their are nuts....
Ummmm, possessive much? This just gets more interesting.
Oh my god, he's just so cute.
@dogtree103: its too bad that it came down to this, you really did have a good product. However I'm not surprised you gave up, not with all the drama that took place. Let me tell you a secret, your not going to please everyone, so the next time you take on a project, just do it to please you. One other thing if you put up a page as done, leave it alone. Never do a major edit on an unfinished piece or you never be happy and will always be giving up.