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Where did his arms go in the second sprite?
Saber, My oldest creation and simplist.

Livier, his younger, bigger sister. I don't own the character but I was the one who pixelated her.

Jugrip, god, what a beast. I only have three poses of him done, he's a mammoth of a sprite.

Redpyramidhead, again, not my character but you never see any red pyramid head sprites around.

Trace, he was a request by a friend. just kinda threw him in.
So, I don't know what they're arguing about, but now I really want to know.
@Meldazzar: her eyes. Are hidden from our sight.
That's it's idle, moving, and attacking sprites.
Making a bunch of characters. Most of them from one story plot. You might get to see most of them.

She is actually a clone/copy of him, because Saber is infertile. She was made when Saber and (Random/undecided character) were exploring the lab in the bottom of a university. Saber was going to examine a machine more closely and tripped. the machine closed on him and wouldn't open. (Random/undecided character) tried hitting buttons to get it to open, unfortunatly the commands were all gibberish. The machine flickered to life and nine thousand volts of electricity shot out of the machine. the city power grid shut down. lights were dark. the only noise were those of hurried foot steps coming down the stairs, followed by a flash light beam. In one container lay Saber, unconcious, and in the other, Sabrina, awake. The professor who ran down the stairs opened to containers and let both Saber and Sabrina out. Saber kept the machine and his new found daughter as his own.
If elegance is what you want, i'd move Her right leg back a bit, cover it up more with the left one. The way she is now, she looks like she's standing normally with half a right foot.
I must say, your custom is a lot better than my custom, sir. kudos.
The back shoe (her right) looks too small compared to the front one.

I'd have to look more closely to find more
Haveing issues deciding. The first looks cooler and is just awesome, but the second one is easier to work with. I don't know which to do.
I'm working on finding a replacement. something to get off that gravely hard to hear voice but is still easy to read. if anyone could help, that'd be nice.
That was what I was looking around for originally, but then I found the missing file. the page hasn't done anything weird yet, but tell me if it does.
just had to see...
looking around in formatting pages and i found something interesting. a file that doesn't exist. so i got rid of it and had to see how bad i messed up my page.
Please share how this is done, I'm sure everyone would love to know.
It must be just me, but I actually like the new interface to paint in windows7. it has it's flaws but it's not too bad.
I've been grounded for the past week, still am, but I got this out first.
Saber's not a drunk, but mondays suck.
Saber doesn't like to fight without reason. especially for money he doesn't need.