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Food poisoning
:P Well it COULD be in part of eating the local cuisine as well as the environment
well that certainly does look like one of Nanaki's limit breaks...though its been so long I can't remember which one.
Gi Tribe
Personally I thought that maybe the Gi tribe had allied themselves with humans (or maybe two legged monster?) and then the humans betrayed them after the battle seemed to be losing favor.

Though with Nanaki having that flashback makes me suspicious that Borah's mother will leap in and be like that and be "Don't bully my son! You are suppose to be the savior." *chews Nanaki's face off*
My sympathies, we knew you really wanted this baby and when you said for the first time that there may be slows we were prepared for the possiblity of any update would be a while if ever.

WHen you're ready then you are ready I don't think any of us would want to push you to start sooner than you feel ready. :3 but thanks all the same for the comic and fanfiction that you have done thus far.
Reply to chyiochan
;3 No she's having a Sephiroth.

well I hope that she won't name the child Sephiroth like one of my friend's did. Though he is so CUTE. 455936_2356.jpg
:D How far along? When did you find out?
Well that is no bunny...
Vorpal bunny maybe but still the only things that you can possibly eat there are dragons and tonberries.

D: Not cooked and he knows enough that they won't eat it raw. Baaaad kitty!
XD I think people get a certain glow or something that makes them cuter when they're in love. :P Which might make some sense as to why there are those people that are attracted to people who are taken.

Bunnies being so cute and cuddly must be tasty things. Nom nom nom.
:3 It seems that now that Vincent is getting close with Yuffie he seems that he looks younger and cuter.

Could be that less frowny face = more fangirls

:D A backyard? Definitly not in the city then. Bushes are evil but rose bushes with thorns are the worst.

One thing to look forward to moving south is that there is no fall! Or winter. Anybody get bunnies in their yard? I swear once I get my own garden I'm going to make it so good that there will be rabbits. Then catch and eat them with whatever I grew in the yard of course.
They're so cute like this together.

OK so there is no kissing or mad sexing up but its still pretty good. Hopefully Vincent is a cuddler or does some cuddling. :D Also there is hope that he will crack more smiles and even joke more often.

>:D Or even be a huge flirt with Yuffie.

I really do like how you've been doing the hair and the skin.

:| This page makes me want cuddling too.
A very very sweet page. The coloring is very nice and even put the touch of red puffy eyes on Yuffie.

Can't fangirl over hair this time but I will about something pretty interesting

Anatomy. Mmmm.
I have a pretty much empty map that I made. I thought I had a few other maps than three that I already had.

>.< I forget how to customize my urls.
So do I win a prize for guessing right? I do don't I!

We should try finding that application/site thing that shows where the fans are from. Frapp? I forget what its called.
XD *munches on a carrot*
That was from an Anime Boston reunion where I'm wearing catears from Cosworx. Its probably not showing the ears well because it shrunk.

Pass on eating hair. I'll get my protein another way. XD I just really like hair and on this page Yuffie's looks nicer.

EDIT: well then if I had to guess then I'd guess it was Lucretia?
The pretty pretty hair!

:/ Vinny is being entirely too quiet.

The FF2 in the SJ is almost like a mini comic with shinanigans and laughs. It seems like the fourth member is always disposable.
Looks like I forgot
But I really do love how you had done Vincent's hair close up like that. It looks different from what you're doing. Alot smoother. Actually the coloring in general looks smoother.

New pens/markers/brush?

Damn now this is brining out my fondness for long haired men.
That is such bad news! He's looking already for another job right?

Should things get tough by the end of the year you could try doing what other webartists do by setting up a "If you donate this such and such much money I'll give an update." It seems to really work and helps keep things afloat.

We should try getting this comic up to a higher rating on TWC. Growth to #1!!!

Aww man this means that fanfics will also suffer bigger delays.
That definitely reminds me to hoard the boyfriend's copy of FF1 and 2. Food item names are great and I think I'd go with "Snap, Crackle, and Pop"
I think I've come to the conclusion that Enkida is a bad bad lady :P

While Vincent is pretty damn hot himself and given half a chance I would molest him (as no less than a dozen Vincent cosplayers have realized) there is just no way he'd put up with me. Especially when I have a tendency(read fetish) to put guy's long hair into pigtails.

OK now onto the comic. Definitely not the response I was hoping from Vinnie. Pretty much it sounds like Yuffie isn't what he finds appealing and is telling her so. Vincent needs a good shaking up calming things are so DULL.

PS: Lady you're pretty evil and had broken my head there for a bit.
*drop open mouth*


*crickets chirp and fly into mouth*

>.< *twitch twitch*

*goes into stunned silence for the next couple of hours*