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Kirbys will rule the Earth someday. And that is all.
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and the winner of the duel was spark
gimme all your money
who will be the victor of this duel
cherry & injured azure, or kayem

place your bets
i cant believe carbon is dead
now that there's a solid indicator of how well everyone is doing, it would be a good time to reflect on your characters' actions.

what have they done that was helpful?
what have they done that they could have done better?
how could they have acted differently for the benefit of themselves and others around them?

don't actually answer these questions and instead stay tuned for the next episode, which is coming on wednesday, and not thursday
jason and alexini may have won, but there's still second place to go for!!

also, a gray bar indicates a change in position, but not necessarily time
with the rules and teams finally taken care of, it's time

time for to chop tree
step 1: count how many gigis there are
step 2: laugh

stay tuned for the actual start of the contest
what reason could i possibly have to bring nearly every character of vma together in one spot?
so they can compete in a game show, obviously!

at least the title makes sense now
dun dundundundun dun dun dundun dun DUN DUN!!!!!1!
taking place after the events of Bird 7, it looks like something big is going to take place

this is a disaster
His name is pronounced "Boo-Ray"
Burey is a silly and very innocent 10 year old. He is very sociable, and treats new people like friends, even if they don't return his friendship. He is also very obedient and loyal, and tends to follow rules that he doesn't understand. However, he can be a quitter when it comes to things that he decides are too hard for him, and he can be somewhat of a crybaby. Usually, he is very cowardly, but there are times when his heroic side shines through, albeit not for long.

Burey alone has absolutely no powers, causing him to be at the mercy of whether or not he has his hat.
Burey's hat contains a link to another dimension, which can be freely traveled to via the opening of the hat. If the star gem in the front is damaged, this link between dimensions is closed, causing it to essentialy become a regular hat. The pocket dimension takes form as a black void without gravity. Initially, this void was all but empty, but Burey has a tendency to hoard objects in it. During battle, Burey takes out these objects in order to fight, although he rarely stores anything that can be of use in battle.
The wings on the hat could theoretically be used for flying or gliding, but they normally cannot move on their own, rending them little more than decorations.
seri is cute and all but where is barry g
the end

but not really
what's a hero to an unfair court system
also double update because because
the case deepens
bird court is a pretty fair court system if you ask me
double update since I didn't post yesterday
this comic is rather "serious" compared to the other ones in the arc
i apologize, look forward to more stupid next page
its here
the long awaited spiritual successor to burey's arc, in which tater finally shows off against his nemesis. oh wait, tater's long gone. oh well.
I'll be posting updates for VMA Fighters here, I guess. If you don't know what it is, then check the main page.
I also added information for a new stage.
Is it too late to point out that Alexini shouldn't have spots on her hat and that Lucas should have a silver band with a green gem?