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I'm a gamer, a beginner LPer, I'm kinda good with computers, and I'm all around... Alright. I'm a nerd. I get it.
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Still got a better score than my comic...
...Damn it. I THOUGHT the plot made no sense to anyone but me, but I just dismissed it! I'll need to step up my game. Thanks for being so honest, Ulti.
@Jerdude14487: TH1S T4ST3S L1K3 SOUR 4PPL3 4ND PLUM 1N FRONT OF 4 V4N1LL4 W4LL!
Kathy: Do you think Bruce and Bob will ever get along?
@djgameplay: Dumb ways to die... So many dumb ways to die...
Oh, wait... Kirby wasn't there for Etam's attack... He doesn't know.
@Omega Kirby: That's Not-Kaxo. Kaxo never went to the 20TK dimension. He's currently in Mr. Green's dimension.
Fry must always turn to Bender for that more.
Wooooooah, I'm Homsar, the captain of the gravy train!
Image is broken.
Definitely, 100%, No-Question-about-it belongs to Ghetsis.
Huh. Our comics started on the exact same day.
If I want my comic reviewed, should I comment, or send a PM?
Jojjo is the best mom to Kato.
@Omega Kirby: !!! It's The Master... You know, from Doctor Who...
@Plazem: *inhale* I'm gonna get me, Kirby.
"There's a banana grove growing there now. I like bananas. Bananas are good."
"Always take a banana to a party, Rose. Bananas are good."