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dry was an awful person what the hell

...then again so was i
seri is just a little bit of a hypocrite
i wonder where H has been this whole time
this is why i put "horror" as one of the categories
beautiful and flawless
gigi the kirby talks exactly like gigi the author does

i love it
@Kirbymaster: barry g has three life sentences and is currently being held in dream land's largest penitentiary
this is seri!! she's my new me. purple and blue and yellow, kind of a witch motif going on? she's also got tons of ribbons! and a feather duster weapon!!

dry was brutally killed in the events of burey's arc
the bird never actually said those things, gary did but they were taken out of context

talk about forged evidence
i don't actually have anything plot-relevant to contribute but here's some things

sera is female, she's been referred to as "she/her" in the past few pages

also, the reason she's here is because her creator was a contest winner, there's nothing fishy about that going on

and with that i'll leave for another six months
his smile and chill -- gone
matt and cerberus are both very cute

(am i allowed to ship them? it probably wouldn't work out with cerberus because they're intangible but still)
Let's give it a listen, shall we?
Man, your brother's a jerk, isn't he?

...Maybe we should just go lay down for a little while...
Turn the lights on! Maybe you'll find it!
Well... there's the chicken and the Fozzie Bear, but I don't see any bunnies. What's it up to...? Maybe checking the other cameras would shed some light?
A tablet, huh? Should probably take a quick look around, like Collab mentioned. If it's midnight already, then they're already on the move.

...Wasn't there something around here about a fourth animatronic, too...?
If my clockulations are correct, it looks like it's nearly midnight. I'd try the doors, but they're most likely locked; otherwise we would've been out of here a long time ago. For now the best option is to stay put. I'm sure the voices on the telephone can keep you company.
so old dry sprites

i'm too lazy to make new ones though
to stop the asking, gigi got super smash bros for wii u and mario kart 8... i think she got super mario 3d world as well, but we only played mario kart and smash bros with her so i'm not sure