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Your layout looks really cool! And I'm happy that your scanner is working again ^^
*gasp* Wow! I LOVE Inuyasha's clothes! I mean! I'm speechless O_O
Sing Jiro, sing! ^_^
I love the first panel! It's funny ^^
Ha! Butterfly ^^
Hehe! Auron!! ^_^
I loooove your comic! I skipped supper just to read it! Fav fav fav! I hope to see an update soon!
Haha! XD
The third panel's cute ^^
Oh! The last panel looks so cool!! The shading's also real cool! ^^
Aaawww! I know how she feels :|
*sits and wait for the next page* ^_^
Oh boy! Talen looks crazy cool on the last panel ^_^

EDIT : Eh! I just saw that they are some ''e''s missing in your banner on the top of the page. o_o
Yum! Muffins ^^

Mouse looks like he's like...10 years old on this page :D
Oh my god! He's so cool! >__<
Can't wait to see who he is ^-^
I think her name goes with her face ^^
White chocolate is my fav but it's true it's fake ^^
Wow! Overprotective ^_^
Aaawww! Rhea is so cute like that! X3

Don't worry, you have a good reason for not updating ^^
*jump jump jump* I won't stop jumping 'till I see what happens next ^_^ *jump jump jump*