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Just your everyday gamer and story writer. Currently working on a book right now. x3
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Kinda saw this one coming, troll lalala. x3
Welp, then everyone going to enjoy the semi nude stripe down! *unbuttons my pants* Oh wait, never mind it just those two. lol x3
Strip poker...if they play that I don't want to see a guy x3
@HoennGirl: I would say Sora would be a cute girl name, but at the same time if you go think about KH character is a boy...So I would go trans! Or is that not allowed? (votes girl)
@Candyplague: I do agree...

That was the most funniest strip I have ever since so fair...can't breathe... x3
Wow...powerful ending *if it the end* and great use of hints and tips within the story. I was truly deeply moved by this comic...

Who said men don't cry? Will deserves it to let himself feel tears with joy. =3
@Christo - Might be. x3

Come on, Rym218! We want more! lol

No more cliff-hangers x3
Well I feel bad for the nerdy guy that the manager of a store that has a crush on their goes Ruby safety net for not being fire now... x3
Rhymes with mice and it 3 letters...I'm guessing she use Ice Magic? x3
February 2nd, 2013
Wow...the third panel got me laughing. Fix up Oscar's hair to a M shape and changes the color a bit to red. Then you have Miles Edgeworth. x3
I'd like the characters and the story outline. Both unique and fix very well. Also this comic captures emotions from the viewers/reader that comes by. =3
Patch the Assist! The battle became a double battle. x3
Dang it Will, you could of said it then and there! Meh...playing fair is a true gentlemen like. x3
The question is, Who is Sonia going to choice to live with... Family or William? x3
Aww...I'd wanted to see who would of won. x3
Jeez...this is really good and interesting...I wonder how many chapters are there. x3
Lol, Minecraft is a addicting game if you're not careful. Great comic so far. =3
August 31st, 2011
I feel bad for Zebra...come on, Zebra! Step up and get the girl of your dream before it too late! >:3