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Hey, guys. Just thought I'd bring up that if you like my art enough, I'm open for commissions. I'll have a page with details on prices and things I will and won't do when I get around to it, but for now if you're interested feel free to message me, IM me on AIM at the screen name Hapoppo, or E-mail me with any questions and details on any projects you may want me to do.
Delays are NOT fun.
Four weeks is a long time to not update. While part of it's due to my aforementioned contributions to Off Hours, which you'll see here in a couple weeks, another wrench in the cogs popped up in the form of getting my PS3 back. Turns out, Fallout 3 creates a biological necessity in a man. Anyway, here's to hoping I can get back into my regular routine of radness.
Punk-Pink Prologue! Page 8
And so ends our first Punk-Pink! mini-chapter. Next up: Bast reflects on her past a bit, Tenkyo's hiding a secret, and what's up with Bast's "magic touch"?

Ironically, that last panel doesn't look as bad as it does because I rushed with it - it just looks that way because I was trying to watch an Apple documentary while drawing it. Y'know, the computer, not the fruit.

So, yes, I've been taking advantage of Netflix. Seen a couple movies I never would have seen without it, including 2001, and I've gotta say... for all the hype and tribute that movie gets, I wasn't particularly crazy about it. The first two hours seem to be spent drilling the most mundane tasks into our heads (Seriously, we were watching a ship land on a landing pad for HOW long?), only to be followed up by half an hour of skullscrewery with very little explanation as to what the frig's going on. Cue space baby, end credits. But, that's just one man's opinion.
Yay delays!
Well... I'd like to say that my week and a half lateness is due to how much of a pain in the butt Melissa is to draw, but I'd be lying. Truth is, I've been having motivational problems I have to try to work out myself. The good news is that hopefully, I've hit a bit of a breakthrough yesterday - a psychological problem logically merits a psychological answer, and it seems like telling myself I want to do more helps if I use the right words. I don't get people, not even myself. ANYHEW, here's to hopefully more frequent updates.
Who you gonna call?
Uh-oh... is the curiously chipper Tellori in a pickle?
Evenin', boys and girls! Just thought I'd start taking advantage of this here comment box... hope you're all digging the Punks!
You missed one
Go back a page, there's one I forgot to add last week. Also, in case anyone's wondering why updates have been slow lately, I've had a lot of distracting ordeals as of recent, namely getting a new house. With any luck, this will be solved midway into next month.

I will, however, be taking a bit of a break when I finish this current story arc, which has a whole 1 page to go. Whether or not I'll add some fillers, I haven't decided yet, but stick around just in case. I'll keep you guys updated on when I'll get back to the next story arc.
Looking for a colorist/week hiatus
I've got a lot of things going on right now, not the least of which being getting a house. So in order to catch up, I'll be going on a weeklong hiatus, ending on April 26th. After which, I'm considering lowering the update rate from thrice to twice weekly in order to improve the quality of my work, which has been suffering a bit due to the frantic schedule. Now, this may not be necessary: if you happen to be a decent colorist, I'm currently in the market. If you're interested, you can find the full information here.
April Fools!
Sorry if I confused you guys... this was actually just a "gag" comic. We now return you to our regularly scheduled Punks!

Hey, cool! I didn't know this "author comment" option existed. Time to put it to use!